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Reviewing currently available scented candles from scented candle companies yankee candle, village candle, goose creek candle, bath and body works, ikea scented candles, aldi scented candles, colonial candle and others that can be bought online.

Yankee Candle Snow dusted Bayberry Leaf Holiday 2018
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Yankee Candle Christmas Holiday 2018 Collection Review

Yankee Candle Christmas Holiday Collection is a nice bunch of classic christmas fragrances. I can see anyone finding at least one candle in this collection that will fit their holiday. The Limited Edition candles in this collection are: Yankee Candle Snow dusted Bayberry Leaf, Sugar Frost Christmas, Icy Blue Spruce, Winter Wonder, Holiday Shimmer and […]

Goose Creek Candle Tropical Daydream Review
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Goose Creek Candle Summer 2019 Collection Review

Goose Creek brought a bunch of great summer scents back from last year and they also added some new candles to their Summer 2019 collection. I love their take on fruit scents. They really do amazing, natural versions of classic summer notes like strawberry and pineapple and what I particularly like is that they don’t […]

Yankee Candle viva havana scented candle review 2017 summer
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Reviews of Favorite Summer Yankee Candles

What are Favorite Summer Yankee Candles? I recently went into my local Yankee store and there were no customers; just me and the sales person. We started chatting and I figured it would be fun to ask what the general customers’ favorite candles for the season are. So below are my reviews of all the […]

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Yankee Candle Summer 2019 Collection Review

Yankee Candle basically did a Spring/Summer season in 2019. That means that they basically released a couple of new scented candles every month from April to August. The Yankee Candle Summer 2019 Collection I’ll be reviewing here is from the Elevation line. The Summer 2019 collection includes 4 new fragrances: Yankee Candle Sun Warmed Meadows, […]