Thursday, January 17, 2019

Candle Basics

Basic information on scented candle care, scented candle scent throw, how to choose the best scented candle, scented candle burn times, scent layering

colonial candle comparison review

Yankee Candle versus Colonial Candle comparison

Yankee Candle versus Colonial Candle- which is better?   Image by Colonial Candle I've been burning Yankee Candles for more than a decade and I've been burning...
bestofcandles candle scent throw

Scented Candle Scent Throw

What is scented candle scent throw? Basically, scented candle scent throw is the amount of scent that permeates into the room that you are burning...
scented candles scent throw issues

Scented candles Scent Throw Issues

Scented candles Scent Throw Issues are a big topic because people get super disappointed when they shell out a lot of money for a...