Best wedding candles

When it comes to Wedding Candles there are a few main subjects that we can talk about. There are varieties of scented candles or candle accessories that can be used also as wedding favors or decoration.

There’s also the whole topic of candles used in wedding centerpieces. Along with this topic we can look into all the wedding candle holders and how to pick you fragrance if you’re considering scented wedding candles.

Wedding candles favors

Candle wedding favors are becoming more and more popular. They are an amazing pick if you want the favors to be in the color scheme of the wedding or even the scent.

Using a candle as a wedding favor is especially romantic with the idea that people will be using the candles from your wedding to celebrate their own romantic and special moments.

best 2019 wedding candle favors

Some of my favorite candle wedding favors are here.

5 best wedding candle favors

  • Travel candles
  • Tin candles
  • Votive candle holders
  • Tea candle holders
  • Candlesticks

 Wedding Candles Centerpieces

The most classic wedding candle for table centerpieces are the plain white taper candles on beautiful candlesticks. The look speaks for itself but the drawback of their sensitivity to air flow and accident potential is something to consider when looking into this type. This is probably the cheapest version too. You can get pretty good deals on Amazon.

Pillar candles in centerpieces can work well. They are more substantial and make more of a statement than tapered ones. If you went with a stronger flower look you’ll be able to incorporate pillar candles much easier than other kinds of candles.

Moving away from flower and candle pairings and into glassware and candles you can do so much with beautiful glass votive holders. You can go with colored glass or mercury glass votive holders for the classic look. These are much safer than pillars or taper candle options and much less sensitive to wind or airflow in general.

Most versatile type of candles for centerpieces are still tea lights. There are no limits for your simple tea light. You can go for major impact and light hundreds or go for less and pick out amazing holders. And let us not forget the amazing look that a centerpiece with floating tea lights has.

And while it takes away from the romatic feel of it all we should not ignore the LED wedding candles. I know. But listen. If you’ll have a lot of children at the reception you should consider going with LEDs for the tables. You can’t really compromise on safety of children and a child messing around with open flame candles is not how you want your wedding reception to be remembered.

 Unity Wedding candles

Unity candles are used during the wedding ceremony and are also called just wedding candles for ceremony. Unity candle represents the joining of two people. Usually people go for personalized unity candles and you can do a lot with various holders for a bolder look.

With unity candles we usually talk about basic white pillar candles that are personalized with names and dates and sometimes a design. There are also options with tapered candles but my favorite are the sets that include 3 matching unity candles.

Scented wedding candles

The months of May and June are major wedding months around here and I’ve attended two weddings in May and still have one to go to in June. I’m usually in charge of wedding candles being a well known candle aficionado.

When people don’t have any wedding candle ideas and just let me do whatever I want I tend to stay away from the classic tapered candles and candlesticks look and go with either mason jar scented candles or tea lights. You can realize so many ideas with tea lights and having so many scented tea lights available now you can have all the scent you want and still be able to have amazing candle centerpieces for cheap.

Wedding candles can be a bit tricky because there are so many factors you need to take into consideration so I mostly stick to Yankee Candles as my go-to wedding candles because I know them, I know how they behave in different conditions and I know enough of the scents that I can usually pick wedding candles that will fit most people’s tastes and wishes.

The most obvious wedding candle is Yankee Candle Wedding Day. It’s a generally well loved scent, the design and wax color are done in a way that will compliment most wedding themes and well…there’s the perfect name written across the candle jar so it’s always a safe wedding candle choice.

Usually, I know either the bride or the groom well enough that I veer off the obvious wedding candle choice and I go for something that is more specific to their tastes.

chocolate layer cake scented candle jar
Image by Yankee Candle

I picked out wedding candles for my best friend who is a huge chocolate lover and I went with Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake candles. She had a turquoise and crème color scheme so the rich brown of the candles complimented it well. It’s a very strong scented candle and since I had about 15 candles that I included into the décor of the venue you could definitely smell the rich chocolate throughout the place. It would be a bit much for an average person’s wedding but since her love for chocolate is so well known, the chocolate scented wedding was so “her” people (and the bride) loved it to bits.

General things to be aware of when it comes to wedding candles:

Candle safety! There will be a party going on around the candles; there will be potentially drunk people, kids, dancing, big dresses and a lot of hairsprays. You need to avoid any candle related disasters so jar candles are the way to go. Go for large jar candles. The look pretty on pictures, they burn long enough, the wax pools look awesome, and when you stick an Illuma lid on they’re basically covered and it makes them look extra pretty.

For weddings that go on into the early morning hours I put wedding candles into jar candle holders. These can give an amazing light effect plus they keep the candles extra secure and provide another layer between the flame and the wedding party.

For my brothers wedding reception I went with Yankee Candle Margarita Time in these tall jar candle holders that were a huge hit since they were made out of different colored glass tiles and looked amazing with the candles in them. The party was held outdoors so the candle holders also assured that the candles wouldn’t be blown out by random wind gusts.

wedding candles
Image by Yankee Candle

The wedding I’ll be going to in June is a really small wedding with just a quick ceremony and a family only dinner afterward so I’ll be taking some candles as wedding gifts. I picked out Yankee Candle Wedding Day, White Gardenia and Lemon Lavender because the latter ones are the bride’s favorite scents and Wedding Day is just a classic.

For my own wedding, I had a large jar candle of Yankee Candle Fresh Cut roses on every table and I used small candle jars of Yankee Candle Fresh Cut as wedding favors and the candle jar as a wedding favor idea was such a hit three of my friend have used it since.

best wedding candles 2019

5 Best scented wedding candles:

  • Yankee Candle Wedding Day
  • Yankee Candle White Gardenia
  • Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses
  • Yankee Candle Beach Flowers
  • Village Candle Rain Blossom

The 2019 favorite is Village Candle Rain Blossom. It’s a great combination of a wedding appropriate fragrance and the metallic glass look. Another good one is Village Candle Guava Tangerine. Especially with the 2019 rose gold and metallic wedding trends I think this works well.

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