Best Tea scented candles

I’m a fan of tea-scented candles and I rarely go by one without buying it. I’ve burned a lot of tea scented candles over the years and many are not available anymore so I figured it’s best to list the ones that you can still pick up anytime.


They’re great for layering with either light bakery scents or various citrus candles. I love them as early morning fragrance. I also find them to be generally very guest friendly.

Bath and Body Works Black Tea Rose 

DW Home candles Tea Collection

Goose Creek Candles Sipping Tea

Yankee Candle White Tea

Woodwick Tranquilitea

Woodwick White Tea and Jasmine

Village Candle Tea Time

Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea

Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber

Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon

Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon scented candle Review

The Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon scented candle comes in a glass jar, it’s 200g paraffin free soy wax and has a cotton wick.

The scent is pretty true to life green tea but the kind you buy in bags rather than seeping loose leaf green tea. For a manic tea brewer, those scents are quite different. I also get a strongish lemon note and a soft sugar note, which sweetens up the lemon. The scent is very fresh, sweetened green tea with a splash of lemon. It’s a light scent as most tea – and especially green tea scented candles tend to be but that’s one of the things I like about them.

Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon scented candle burned with no issues in my Ikea jar candle holder and I got a nice wax pool in about an hour.

I burn Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon scented candle in my office which is a medium sized room and it scented my desk area nicely while I couldn’t really smell it all over the room. I would rate the scent throw as 4.

Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scented wax Review

Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scented wax was a part of my first Flamingo Candles Haul. I heard a lot of great things about Flamingo Candles and I’m very happy with the products I’ve tried so far. I love tea fragrance so when I saw the Flamingo Candles High Tea Collection I knew I’ll be trying the lot.

The official notes in Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scented wax are: green floral fragrance opening with tea leaves, cardamon and coriander alongside fragrant bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Followed by watery florals and crisp cucumber, supported by a delicate base of amber, musk and precious woods.

The Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber is an amazingly complex scent as you can see from the official notes description. The complexity is not lost when you melt the wax tart. First I got the steeping green tea leaves and the Earl Grey bergamot. I’ve drunk crazy amounts of Earl Grey in my time and this fragrance is up there with the high-end loose leaf Earl Grey teas I’ve splurged on. Very true to life. Under the tea scent, I get the citrus, warmed up by the cardamom. I’ve not had cardamom with Earl Grey before and since it’s such a warm fragrance I wouldn’t think it goes well with the freshness of the tea but it’s amazing, especially since the citrus tang is quite obvious. I can smell the cucumber that adds to the tea freshness and I can’t say I got any wood notes but I could get the softness and warmth of the amber note.

Overall I loved the Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scent. You get to rediscover it every time you enter the room and it seems you find a new and amazing note. This goes on my best tea scented wax list!

My Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scented wax tart were strong, I used a third of the tart in my wax warmer and the scent filled up my office in about half an hour. Flamingo candles claim their tarts will give scent for 30 hours. I’ve been melting my third of Flamingo Candles Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber scented wax tart for about 20 hours before I noticed the scent throw diminished significantly. But since that was only one-third of the tart I will get at least 60 hours of scent from a single tart which is pretty amazing value.

Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea review

This has been on my wishlist since I first saw it come out. I’m a big tea fragrance lover so I knew I’ll end up with this candle sooner or later. I burn my tea scented candles either in my kitchen in the mornings or in my office throughout the day. Tea scented candles aren’t usually very strong and in my office, I burn the candles on my computer desk so basically, they’re right next to me and I can fully enjoy even the candles with the lightest scent throws.

Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea is one of the fragrances in their Décor line. I bought a large 24 oz. tumbler with burn time up to 110 hours and standard Village Candle two wicks.

The official scent notes of Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea are raspberry tea with hints of herbs and musk.

Oh you guys, this is such a good fragrance! I’ve been burning this every day since I got it for like 6 hours daily and I can’t see myself getting tired of the scent anytime soon. It’s the smell of the super fancy loose leaf raspberry tea. You get the green tea note that gives you the herbiness and then the raspberry bits and some rosehip. It reminds me of one of my favorite teas from Palais Des Thes called Pure Indulgence Raspberry which is green Sencha tea with bits of raspberry. The tea and raspberry are softened by the musk note that elevates the fragrance from your “cup of tea” to an actual complex home fragrance.

I had no burn issues with Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea, I didn’t trim the wicks and I burned it in a tall luminary to keep the long wicks from getting dangerous. I got an even wax pool after an hour and the scent throw is a strong 6.

Village Candle Tea Time scented candle Review

Village Candle Tea Time came home with me at the same time as Village Candle Raspberry Rose Tea and they both jumped right on my favorite tea scented candles list.

Village Tea Time is supposed to replace their Sweet Tea fragrance. I bought a medium 16 oz. jar with burn time up to 105 hours and standard Village Candle two wicks.

The official scent notes of Village Candle Tea Time are tea leaves, jasmine, and clove with a hint of sweetness.

I get green tea, a strong jasmine note and a bit of sugar. I can also smell the clove note and it warms and spices up the overall scent. I’m not sure I like the cloves in this particular fragrance. The mix of jasmine and cloves isn’t all that amazing. I guess it’s mainly because I relate jasmine scent with very dark summery scents and cloves are such a pure autumnal scent that the mix kind of clashes to me. Overall this does smell warm and intense and like autumn…with jasmine.

I had no burn issues with Village Candle Tea Time, I didn’t trim the wicks and I burned it in a tall luminary to keep the wicks from getting carried away. I got an even wax pool after an hour and the scent throw is a strong 8. This might be one of the strongest tea scented candles I’ve burned.

Woodwick White Tea and Jasmine scented candle review

You know I love tea scented candles. I find the relaxing, clean smelling and great for any occasion and I find it really interesting to smell the different twists that companies can put on the note.

I burned Woodwick White Tea and Jasmine in my bathrooms during my party yesterday and me and the guests all loved it.

I always burn Woodwicks in candle holders to avoid any heat damage, as the glass can get really hot. I got a nice wax pool in about two hours.
Woodwick White Tea and Jasmine scented candle official scent notes are white tea, jasmine, red cedar, and rose.

Burning it, I smell soft jasmine first. The undertones are what makes this a tea smell, but it’s kind of like they’re building the tea note with the woody and rose undertones. It’s just a really fancy, perfume-like take on a tea scent.

Tea scents are hard to get right. There’s always a big fuss in the perfume world when a tea fragrance comes out and people start debating whether it does or does not smell like a specific type of tea. White tea smells very earthy in comparison to say green tea. It almost has a dirt and oakmoss feeling. Tea scents are also often mimicked by a combination of different rose notes. And that’s pretty much what is happening here. The rose notes are the base and then the cedar gives it the earthy woodiness that makes this a white tea type smell.

Because of this type of note building and in combination with the jasmine, this feels like a floral and tea perfume to me. It’s not a 100% “perfume” candle, but just like say Elizabeth Arden’s Tea Series perfumes aren’t full on “perfume” fragrances this sort of falls into that same vein.

The smell is quite intense for a tea candle and the throw was a 7.

I’d burn this any time of the year, especially as an everyday morning candle or summer night fragrance.

Woodwick Tranquilitea scented candle review

Another new discovery for me are tea scents from Woodwick. Woodwicks are a bit hard to find for me, they randomly pop up at a furniture and home design store but that’s it. While I was in the UK, I found a huge selection at a store and went a bit nuts (as I do) over all the untried fragrances. I mostly got scents I’ll burn in January and February since I’m pretty well stocked up for Fall and Holiday season already.

All my Woodwicks burn nice and even but they do soot more than cotton wick candles.

Woodwick Tranquilitea scented candle official scent notes are: herbal tea.

While herbal tea is rather vile to drink, I can appreciate it in candle form. Here, I get citrus, some sweet mint, and bergamot with hints of chamomile and verbena. All of it is slightly sweetened by a honey note.

It’s a lovely, calming scent and I’d buy this again.

The scent throw was about a 5. It only managed to scent half of my medium sized office. It will scent a small room (it did great in my bathroom) but you’ll need two for a large room.

I’d burn this any time of the year, especially as an everyday morning candle or during the day in January. It works in a living room, a kitchen and also a bathroom.

Yankee Candle White Tea scented candle Review

Yankee Candle White Tea is a new UK Spring 2016 fragrance. I’m always interested in tea scents be it in candles, perfumes or as an actual tea drinker. Having a household where we drink tea regularly and many times a day and also having a job where we always took “tea breaks” rather than “coffee breaks” I associate the scent with home and relaxing so I pretty much try out every tea fragrance I find.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle White Tea are: white tea with lemon.

As this is a part of the whole “Spa” line from Yankee, it fits right in. It’s a very subtle scent though. It’s not that the candle doesn’t throw, it’s just that the scent itself is very light and fresh so it’s one of those perfect background fragrances but it won’t be for those who want to really know they’re burning a candle.

It smells like very light green tea and a bit of fresh lemon. It’s not laundry and not perfume, just watery tea and lemon. I love it for early mornings and late nights at the office or when I’m having people over and I just want to mimic an open window somewhere in the house without actually opening the windows during a March storm. As with Aloe Water and Shea Butter, I think this really works as a “Spa” scent and as with the previous ones I’ll be getting a few more jars of it.

The scent throw on my large jar is a strong 6. I have a medium sized office and this will fill it up fine but for an open plan type of a flat, I’d say go for tarts. The throw on a tart is a medium 8 and the lemon comes through more.

Goose Creek Candles Sipping Tea scented candle Review

Goose Creek Candles Sipping Tea is a new scent and part of their Spring 2016 collection. I tend to buy anything that has »tea« in the name because I love tea scents and find them relaxing, generally pleasing and versatile in terms of using them at any time of the day and during any season and also good for mixing with other scents.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Sipping Tea are: tea leaves, chilled lemonade and lime juice, pear nectar, crystallized sugar, mimosa and musk.

Way too many notes in the description there for what this fragrance actually is. If it used to drive me nuts how Yankee Candle waxed poetic about their fragrances, painting a “scent image” rather than just listing the notes, I find it equally annoying how Goose Creek list a bucket worth of notes when their stuff really doesn’t smell all that complicated. I mean they might have put all that in there but if you can’t smell half of these…anyway, what I smell while melting this is a sweet fruit tea. Usually, in tea fragrances, you get either a green tea note, a black tea note or a lot of chai spices. This is pretty, plain fruit tea scent, mostly lemon and orange with a decent dose of sugar.

It’s nice, refreshing and not honey sweet so it works really well in the mornings and will be great for melting in the Summer heat but it’s a very average fragrance. It’s one of those that you can’t say anything bad about but forget as soon as the wax is gone.

I have a wax melt in this and I melt two bits at a time. The scent lasts about 8 hours and the throw was a weak 9. It basically scented the entire floor of my house which is surprising for such a delicate fragrance.

DW Home candles Tea Collection Review

While I was emptying a TK Maxx store of all their Halloween-y DW Home candles, I came across two candles that are a part of DW Home The Tea Collection.

You know my love for tea scented candles and once I got a good sniff of Hydrangea Tea I was sold. I was only able to find Peach Tea from that same collection and I loved those two on cold so much I just picked up the rest of the tea scents that they had.

DW Home Hydrangea Tea scented candle

DW Home Peach Tea scented candle

DW Home Green Tea Leaves scented candle

DW Home Tea leaf Jasmine Blend scented candle

DW Home Pomegranate Spice Tea scented candle

Bath and Body Works Black Tea Rose Review

I figured since it’s Valentine’s day season, I could do a couple of rose scented candle reviews. There are always a few rose scented candles floating around from the major candle companies so I’m guessing it’s a scent type that generally sells well.

Bath and Body Works or rather White Barn came out with Black Tea Rose not long ago and there’s been a whole thing where they changed the packaging on it but I honestly don’t care about that since I didn’t particularly like either version of the packaging. The scent was the same throughout though.

I’ve burned Village candle’s Raspberry Rose Tea a while ago and I was thinking that Black Tea Rose could be that scent but without the raspberry notes. It’s is not.

White Barn Black Tea Rose candle smells like a unisex body fragrance mist. I get loads of dry cedar on top, followed by dry red tea notes and a dark floral, rose undertone. The cedar really threw me here, since it’s pretty dominant and I really wasn’t expecting it. The overall scent is dry, earthy and a bit musty as fragrances with dark rose undertones can quickly get. Dry, black rose scents generally need a lot of green notes, or watery notes or fruity notes (like red berries) to lift them up and take away the musty, old feeling. This scent has none of those. If anything the cedar and dry, earthy red tea notes add to the overall “aged” or rather “old” vibe here.

I mean…there’s a place for this scent. It’s not generally appealing, I don’t think since when a room is filled up with it my first thought is to open a window and air the room out because it just smells like the room’s been closed for too long. But, if you’re going for a specific feeling, like an old, slightly musty house full of dried flower bouquets, big, dark library and a grandma kitchen, this is your candle.

Honorable mentions:

Bath And Body Works Nectarine Green Tea; I don’t think this is available in BBW stores anymore but there’s an online store here that stocks BBW candles and they have a lot of these in stock.

Yankee Candle Jasmine Green Tea; amazing scent, one of my all-time favorite tea scented candles, but sadly not available anymore. I’m eagerly waiting for the next tea scented candle from Yankee.

Colonial Candle Southern Tea; only had a votive in this and by the time I found a Colonial candle store with good shipping fees, it was discontinued. Awesome tea scent though.