Best Spring Scented Candles

Classic spring scented candle fragrances are light florals and laundry type candles.

We usually need something fresh and clean after all the heavier candles we burn during Christmas. I go for laundry and spa-type, relaxing candles for January and February and then more fruity and floral in March.


9 Best 2019 Spring scented candles

  1. Yankee Candle Spring Days
  2. Goose Creek Candles Clementine & Mango
  3. Yankee Candle Raindrops
  4. Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus
  5. Village Candle Hydrangea
  6. Village Candle Cherry Blossom
  7. Lily-Flame Freshly Cut Grass
  8. Yankee Candle Cassis
  9. Yankee Candle Daffodil

Yankee Candle Spring Days

Yankee Candle Spring Days is a returning scent for spring. I have a large jar of this and it works great as an all-day fragrance for February and March.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Spring Days are lavender, jasmine and rose.

This is very different from what I expected based on the scent description. It’s not a pure floral. If anything, I’d put it in the green category with a floral background. It’s very earthy, you get the green note of fresh leaves and a clean, watery note. I also smell the floral mix, a bit of lavender and jasmine, but they stay in the background, not making the overall fragrance too floral.

It’s in the same vein as Greenhouse or Green Grass so if you like those, pick this up while it’s available.

The scent throw on my large jar is a solid 7. It’s fun to pair with other stuff as well. I’ve blended it with Midnight Jasmine, Wild Sea Grass and Fresh Cut Roses and all the mixes were really nice. I tend to play with blends a lot when I opt for large jars, since it’s a lot of burn hours and I’d get tired of the same fragrance. But with something like this, that pairs so well with so many other scents, it’s a non-issue.

Goose Creek Candles Clementine & Mango

Goose Creek Candles Clementine & Mango is a new scent and part of their Spring collection.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Clementine & Mango are clementine, mango nectar, and pink grapefruit, jasmine, pineapple., amber, creamy sandalwood, and musk.

There’s a lot going on in this description but the fragrance is a bit more simple. I can smell the sweet mango, the citrus and pineapple and then the musky amber. Calling a note “clementine” and having it actually be orange or grapefruit is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to scent notes. In my opinion, there’s a big difference between a clementine and an orange scent and this has plain orange with a bit of grapefruit bitterness. The amber warms it all up and I’m not a big fan of citrus and amber mixes because I just feel that citrus notes are so light and bright that the warmth of amber just clashes too much. The mango note is nice if a bit too sweet and it goes well with the musky amber.

The scent throw on a chunk of my wax melt was a strong 8, it scented my whole main hall in 15 minutes.

I wouldn’t call this a spring scent, maybe more of an evening fruit scent for rainy summer.

Yankee Candle Raindrops

Based on the listed notes Yankee Candle Raindrops was a big surprise for me. The official notes are Citrus, Watery Rain, Peony, Damascus Rose, White Musk. I was expecting a fresh citrusy rose scent mixed with loads of ozone and musk. And as someone who enjoys a good peony/rose scent in early spring, I had high hopes.

Burning Yankee Candle Raindrops, I get a classic Yankee’s take on “rain”, meaning it’s a masculine shower gel type of scent. The floral note is there but I would go with geranium and herbal lavender, not rose or peony. The herbal aspect is the strongest; I’d say it’s a mix of geranium, lavender and basil. Then we get the shower gel, aquatic note and musk as base.

The overall scent is like a day version of Yankee’s Evening Air. You get the herbal side, the water, the musk, but you don’t get that spicy wood base so it’s lighter and fresher overall.

Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus

Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus scented candle was a part of a past spring collection and is still available at my local Yankee Candle store. I have the large jar, a small jar, and a few tarts. It’s a very light floral scent, one of those you can have burning all day and it won’t get heavy or overpowering, it will just lightly scent your space.

The notes in Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus: hibiscus flower.

I get a citrusy hibiscus scent. I am a huge fan of hibiscus tea and we drink it mostly with lemon and a bit of sugar. If the Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus had a tea note in it, I would be stocking up on this candle like nobody’s business. But there’s no tea note. It’s just a nice flowery hibiscus scent. Hibiscus on its own already has a bit of a citrusy tang so you can smell that as well but it’s not a fruit type citrus.

It’s an all day and also a morning scent for me. I mostly burn the jar in my main living room to get the most of the smell.

The large jar version of Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus burns clean and even in my luminary, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is light.

The tarts in this scent are a bit stronger; I melt a half a tart at a time to scent my main living space.

Village Candle Hydrangea

Village Candle Hydrangea was sort of my consolation purchase because I couldn’t get Yankee Candle Blue Hydrangea anywhere and I’ve been reading so many great reviews about it. I love Hydrangeas, we used to have huge bushes of them in the garden of the office building I used to work at and we would all hang out there during our lunch hours, lament being stuck at work during summer and admire the flowers. I’ve tried to grow hydrangeas in my flower garden numerous times but I just can’t do it. I have no idea why they don’t like the soil there but they just never grow or bloom like they’re supposed to. Still, I manage to get at least three good sized bouquets of the blue hydrangea flowers each summer so I won’t complain too much.

The official notes in Village Candle Hydrangea are hydrangea, hyacinth, lily of the valley and soft amber. Now to me, the actual hydrangea doesn’t smell like much at all. You need to bury your face into the flowers to get a soft whiff so I wasn’t sure what the Village Candle Hydrangea will smell like.

I have a medium candle jar that I burn in my blue and white bathroom and it smells mostly like hyacinth with a lily undertone, softened and warmed up by the amber. So I can’t really pick out the “hydrangea” scent but it’s just such a lovely smelling candle. Hyacinth to me is a spring scent since that’s when the hyacinths bloom in my garden so I would describe the Village Candle Hydrangea as a great spring floral. The amber gives it the warmth that you want during spring and it fits really well with the intensity of the hyacinth and lily.

I burn Village Candle Hydrangea medium jar in my large bathroom and the whole place got saturated with the scent in about half an hour. I would say the throw on Village Candle Hydrangea is a 9. I read online that people have wick issues with their Village Candles so I don’t trim mine, I just stick the jar in a hurricane holder or a luminary and I always get a perfect burn, no issues at all.

Village Candle Cherry Blossom

I got a wax melt of Village Candle Cherry Blossom for my Mum so this will be more of a scent review rather than a candle review.

My Mum loves the scent and says she will definitely repurchase. I liked Village Candle Cherry Blossom a lot as well and am already plotting a Village Candle haul for myself.

The official notes in Village Candle Cherry Blossom are floral, yet fruity cherry blossoms.

I get mostly soft cherry blossoms with a hint of cherry and a very very soft lemony note. The scent is soft and mostly floral and great for every day. It’s also a nice morning scent. There’s a strong soapy note in here as well so it’d be great in a bathroom. I came over to get a pair of shoes back one morning (Mum is famous for borrowing from my extensive shoe collection and then adopting pairs she likes the most) and her living room smelled so lovely that I almost asked her for a couple of the wax cubes to melt in my house.

One of my Mum’s bathrooms is in a pink and brown/neutral color scheme and I’m thinking a medium jar of Village Candle Cherry Blossom would look amazing in there and the scent would work in a bathroom as well so I might just pick up a jar for her during my next Village Candle haul.

My Mum has a large living room where she mostly burns and melts her scented wax. Usually only scented candles with strong throw manage to fill that room with sent.

She used two cubes of the Village Candle Cherry Blossom wax melt and the scent lightly filled the whole rooms so I would rate scent strength as 8 but keeping in mind that the scent itself is soft so it’s not going to give a powerful scent, just a light one in a large room if that makes sense.

The Village Candle wax melts come in 2.2 oz. sized packet that is scored into 6 melts/cubes. My Mum has been melting her two cubes for about two hours a day for four consecutive days and the scent is still strong.

Yankee Candle is doing a new Cherry Blossom scent for Spring and I wonder how they’ll compare.

Lily-Flame Freshly Cut Grass

I’m always and forever on the hunt for the best fresh cut grass scent and I’ve finally found it in a candle. I got the Lily-Flame Freshly Cut Grass Scented Candle in my last John Lewis haul and I’m super happy with it.

I got the tin version of the Lily-Flame Freshly Cut Grass candle, but the scent is also available in jars. Normally I prefer candles in jars due to the light effect and the look of the wax pool but since I live in continental Europe and John Lewis is a UK store, we’re talking air mail and that often does not work for glass jar candles. When ordering candles from the UK I try to stick to votives, candles in a tin and tarts just to be on the safe side.

I’ve tried Lily-Flame candles before and I’m super impressed with the quality.

The Freshly Cut Grass scents are as true to life as possible. I own the Demeter Fresh Cut Grass fragrance and while that is more of a damp, hot fresh cut grass, this is a lighter, fresher version of the fresh cut grass scent. It’s like fresh cut grass in a spring morning, not summer afternoon like some grass fragrances tend to go.

The tin version of this candle has about 35 hours burn time and I paid 13 EUR for it.

It has a medium throw and scents my huge hall lightly which is perfect for such a true to life scent. I’ll stock up on this and I’ll burn it in February which is usually the month I start going a little crazy over the lack of sun, green grass, and spring scents.

Yankee Candle Cassis

Yankee Candle Cassis scented candle is the third scent from their Spring/Summer collection. The other two scented candles in that collection are Yankee Candle Shea Butter and Yankee Candle Aloe Water.

The notes in Yankee Candle Cassis scented candle are blackcurrant berries, tartness.

I get a lot of the tartness and no blackcurrant. It’s fruity but I find it has a lot of a rose scent mixed into it so I would go with fresh, tart, fruity floral as the description. Like smelling one of my hybrid roses, that have a strong citrusy scent. After about 4 hours of burning it, it gets a smoky note for me. First I thought it’s the wick that was getting too long but on the second burn, I get the smoky note even with a really short, perfect wick. The note is not there until a full wax pool is formed and then it gets a bit funky. It’s still not a bad scent but it’s different than during the first few hours of burning.

The deep purple wax makes it look amazing when lit and it’s the best-looking candle of the ones released in that collection but for me, my least favorite scent of the three. I mostly burn it in my kitchen and sometimes in the hall because it’s really strong.

Yankee Candle Daffodil

Yankee Candle Daffodil has been discontinued for a couple of years but right now it’s back as a Treasure and you can actually get in votives and wax melts as well as in the classic Treasure large jars.

You’ll like this if you like the daisy, loves me loves me not type of green, fresh florals that Yankee does really well.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Daffodil are sweet blooms with a bright note of lemony citrus.

Burning this I smell a green note, a pretty authentic daffodil note, a soft honey note, and some earthy amber. The amber and the honey are very soft, they only sweeten and warm up the overall fresh, green, floral fragrance.

It’s quite complex for such a straight up looking candle. I like it a lot, it’s great for spring or even summer mornings if you like florals.

The scent throw on my large jar was a solid 8. For a floral, that’s more than enough. It will scent a large room but won’t fill it up to the point of a potential headache.

It’s complex enough that you don’t need to play mixologist to amp it up, but I did have it burning on a very cold spring day (we’re talking snow in March) and wasn’t feeling all the green freshness so I paired it with a honey and amber fragrance to warm it up some. That worked fine but it did drown out the main point of the Daffodil fragrance so I wouldn’t that again.

Yankee Candle Easter 2019 collection Review

Yankee Candle Easter 2019 collection will bring us 3 new Easter-themed fragrances.

As per usual Yankee is doing sweet, confectionary-themed scented candles for the Easter 2019 holiday. I frankly like that they are sticking to the expected because it’s a pretty specific holiday with an emphasis on chocolate and candy so why go with something completely out there.


For Easter 2019 in Europe and UK we are getting 2 new scented candles. As expected both are dessert-themed; Yankee Candle Easter Basket and Yankee Candle Rainbow Shake.

For USA Easter 2019 you’ll be getting both Yankee Candle Easter Basket and Yankee Candle Rainbow Shake but you’ll be getting another scent called Yankee Candle Berry Bliss.

Compared to the last few Easter collections I am quite looking forward to both EU candles and adding them to my table setups. I have a rule about food and candles; only dessert-scented candles can burn during a party or event where food is being served. I feel like clean or floral scents just fight with the natural food smells.

Yankee Candle Sweet Candies

Yankee Candle Sweet Candies should smell like cherry, green apple and nectarine at the top with pineapple blossom and sugar as middle and base notes.

Burning my large jar of Sweet Candies it’s a very light scent. Even sniffing it on cold I just got a vague sweet fragrance and I thought that it will develop as it warms up. I mean it does smell like candy. Unfortunately, it smells like very cheap, fruit flavored candy. The most dominant candy note is the cherry with the apple close second. Cherry candy is probably my least favorite of all so keep my bias in mind here.

I feel like this is way to generic of a fragrance to be carrying a Yankee Candle name and price tag. It’s not a horrible smell and it burns fine but I could honestly pick a candle with this scent and this strength at my Aldi for 5 EUR.

I still have last year’s Yankee Candle White Chocolate and Yankee Candle Peeps.  I burned my Yankee Candle Happy Spring that came out for Easter in Europe as I found it to be a nice everyday floral fragrance. White Chocolate Bunnies and Sweet Candies from last year are also burned down.

Last year’s Easter candle that didn’t impress me was Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie.

Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie

Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie should smell like cookies filled with citrus and peach and sweet vanilla frosting.

Burning Yankee Candle Rainbow Cookie, I smell tart fruit candy. Really quite generic; almost cheap fruit candy. As for the fruit notes, I get orange, peach, coconut, passion fruit, but they are all super fake, candy aromas, nothing to do with actual fruit. They do smell like the cheap baking aromas you buy, but with that candy sweetness added. At the base of the fragrance, I do smell a rather faint buttercream, sugar and vanilla mix but it’s all far too weak to get the overall scent from “candy” to “cookie”. First, there’s no bakery note here. But we could let that go and pretend that the sugar and vanilla mix alone is enough to give us the “cookie” vibe. Unfortunately the “cookie mix” gets buried under the sugary, fruity top notes and it takes a while before you can smell it at all.


So yeah, this didn’t work for me. I mixed it with Christmas Cookie to get it to where I wanted it but honestly, the top notes smell so generic and meh to me, I didn’t really enjoy the fragrance even with the cookie part amped up.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter

Yankee Candle Happy Easter is this year’s Limited Edition candle for the Easter holidays. These Easter candles from Yankee tend to be pretty simple and expected, chocolate and vanilla and lots of sugar type fragrances. This year is no exception. I have a votive and when I melted it, it smelled fine, however, I smelled a large jar of this at my friend’s house yesterday and it had a slight plastic-y note to it. It might have been burning weird, I didn’t go and check out her jar, but there was definitely something odd about the scent. My votive was totally fine though.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Happy Easter are: white chocolate, vanilla.

This smells like the Yankee Candle Buttercream with more vanilla and a bit more sugar. People seem to be disappointed that it doesn’t smell like chocolate but I don’t see why it would since white chocolate doesn’t actually smell like chocolate either. Just creamy, sweet milk note with vanilla. It’s fine, you can do a lot of layering with it, it will work well after Easter as well since it’s basically just a sweet vanilla fragrance.

The scent throw on a fourth of my votive was an 8 and the throw on a large jar was a 7. This will scent a medium sized room with no problem. It is a light scent though so don’t expect to be hit over the head with vanilla.

Yankee Candle Happy Easter will work with a chocolate candle, coffee or tea scent or a cinnamon spice candle if you want to go warmer. I’ve even paired it with a lemonade scent and it was really nice. You’ll have no problem using this up since it’s very versatile.


The Easter classic Jelly Beans is not coming back this year in the USA or EU. It only came back to Europe last year. It’s not my favorite scent though so I’m not bothered.