Best Spa scented candles list

I’ve been very into spa scented candles since December. I always gravitate towards these types of fragrances in January and February but we’re in late April now and I still buy and burn these fragrances daily. I used to have “morning” scented candles that I’d burn every morning while my family and I got ready for the day and I’d have a selection of coffee, tea and cookie type scents that worked as my morning scents.
Now, I’ve gone into all “spa” scents for our mornings. It helps that these fragrances also seem to be a trend with major candle companies so I have tons of selection and here are my top picks for spa scented candles.

best spa scented candles list

Now a definition of a “spa” scent can be pretty wide. But I’ll go with anything that makes you feel calm and clean. I like body care type scents for this, especially if they have lots of watery notes added. I also like tea scents and some cotton scents that manage to avoid the soapy range.

My absolutelly favorite spa scents and the ones that I always have on hand and have burned through 7 jars each and melted numerous tarts in are:

Yankee Candle Aloe Water
Yankee Candle Shea Butter
Kringle Candle Egyptian Cotton

These following scents I also love and have gone through multiple jars of, but they aren’t an absolute staple like the ones above:

Yankee Candle Chamomile Tea
Yankee Candle Linden Tree
Kringle Candle Warm Cotton
Kringle Candle Spa Day
Yankee Candle Island Spa

best spa scented candles list 2017

I hope you enjoyed my Best Spa scented candles list and I’ll talk to you soon!