mosaic tealight holders

Best Scented tealights

I’ve got a drawer full of variously scented tealights so I figured it’s time for a comparison.

I’ve been burning a bunch of scented tea lights for a few months now. Mostly because I got a whole bunch of new gorgeous tealight holders and I just want to enjoy the play of candles light and I don’t want to lose out on the fragrance.

I use about two to three scented tea lights at a time, depending on the room size. And they are scented tealights that actually work! I get fragrance throughout the room even with just three of them burning at the same time.

mosaic tealight holders

6 Best scented tealights that actually work

  1. Goose Creek Candle Tealights
  2. Yankee Candle Tealights
  3. Ikea 4 hour tealights
  4. Mömax Fig scented 6 hour tealights
  5. Profissimo Flower Dream scented 8 hour tealights
  6. Mömax Vanilla scented 6 hour tealights

ikea strawberry tealights review

profissimo tealights review

So yeah, I like to stock up on the long burning ones because we entertain a lot. Once a tealight extinguishes itself, it doesn’t smell good. There’s smoke and burned smell and it just doesn’t work with two-hour tealights. If you have people over and you’ve fragranced your home but then a couple of tealights burn out and you get that smoke and burned smell…not good.

When possible I opt for eight-hour ones and if not, six hours of burn time works.

I like my tealights in clear containers and honestly, I like them most in white wax. With all the candle holders I use with them, most times colored wax just doesn’t look quite as nice as white in a clear container. Especially one the candle has pooled completely.

Mömax scented tealights

My favorite tealights from my current stash are Mömax Fig scented ones. They smell amazing on cold. Strong and sweet and a little bit fruity and rich, like expensive fig scents. Sadly, not that much scent throw when burning but I’ll repurchase them because they smell so good unlit.

The Mömax Vanilla scented tealights are just as strong as the Fig ones but the vanilla scents is much more you standard generic vanilla scented candle fare. Nothing special about the scents and again, not that much scent throw when lit.

Profissimo scented tealights

The Profissimo Flower Dream scented tealights I keep re-purchasing because they are packed in the clear plastic containers instead of an aluminum container and they just look high end because of it. The entire little container liquefies after about half an hour and you’re left with a gorgeous tiny wax pool. Love them. The scent on cold is almost a dupe for Yankee Candle Summer’s Wish but little scent throw when lit.

Ikea scented tea lights

The Ikea Strawberry scented tealights I bought during the winter when I had a lot of red candles going on and I wanted to stay with the color theme. They smell light on cold but not much scent at all when lit. I get the Ikea scented tealights for the colors and because of the low price.

Goose Creek and the Yankee Candle scented tealights


The tealights I buy for the scent are the Goose Creek and the Yankee Candle.

I can get a really fragrant room with three of these.

The strongest by far from Yankee are Eucalyptus, Berrylicious and Lilac Blossoms. I get just one of those to completely scent a medium-sized bathroom.

A favorite from Yankee are also Pink Sands and Clean Cotton but I’d need three per room.

The classic fall Yankee Candle fragrances such as Harvest or Autumn Wreath are very strong as well.

Goose Creek tealights cost about a half of what a pack of Yankees cost. The scent throw varies but some of my faves like Carrot Cake and Citrus Lavender are super strong. I feel like they are phasing the classic tealight out in 2019 though. They seem to be replacing them with the firefly tealight, which is a single candle, more expensive than a votive and burns for about 12 hours.


Kringle Candle tealights

Kringle is doing the same thing with their daylight candle. Again, a small candle, fragranced and in a container with about 12 hours of burn time.

I’ve only tried two of these and my problem is, that when you blow one of these out after say 8 hours, you’re dome. The wick will be burned down so much that when you re-light it, it will just extinguish itself right away.

So with the single large tealight keep in mind that either you will do 6-hour burns and you can use one twice or you’ll be wasting the leftover wax.

Obviously, you can always pop the wax out and throw it in a melter. Wasted scented wax is not really a thing if you have a melter around.