Best St. Patricks Day Scented Candles reviews

Yankee Candle normally releases or rather re-releases a few St. Patricks themed scented candles. They tend to have green colored wax.

Other companies I follow don’t really release a specific St. Patrick’s Day Collection but I did find a few candles that would work.

Yankee candle Emerald Isle scented candle review

Yankee Candle April Showers

Yankee Candle April Showers is a fragrance that really matches the name. Love the idea of it for the spring and summer and unlike some other “rain” or “storm” scents I’ve tried out, this one does not lean masculine or soapy, it’s just a fresh, clean smell without going into shower gel or detergent territory.

Yankee Candle April Showers scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle April Showers are: rain, citrus orchard

This smells like a watery green note, blended very well with a light citrus and fresh floral mix. The “water” notes are always hard to explain but basically, it’s the citrus and floral mix that gets diluted with a note that provides freshness and a humid feeling. It’s the opposite of a powder note and paired a lot with an ozone note, but Yankee Candle April Showers doesn’t have any ozone so there’s no sharpness, except what you get from the citrus.

The scent throw on a third of the tart was a 7 and it scented my large bathroom in 15 minutes.

It’s a great bathroom scent, it works for a “clean house” feeling and it’s light and fresh enough that it will be great even in the summer months.

Yankee Candle Irish Cream

Yankee Candle Irish Cream is back in large jars only and for a limited time. The new jars are getting poor ratings online, a lot of people are reporting getting Irish Cream jars with no throw and returning them. I got 4 jars (I’ll be going to two St. Patrick’s parties and these make great hostess gifts) and burned one and the one I burned did fine. I might just be lucky or have a super sharp nose so be warned with these.

Yankee Candle Irish Cream scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Irish Cream are: vanilla and cream.

It smells like a buttery, creamy, sweet vanilla. It’s not as sweet as frosting type vanilla scents, more on the buttery side.

If you like Yankee Candle’s Buttercream, you’ll like this too. I wanted to make it more “Irish” so I mixed it with Vanilla Bourbon from the 2015 Fall collection and it worked great. While I don’t much care for the bourbon note it does give the vibe I was going for.

The throw on Yankee Candle Irish Cream was a solid 6. It scented a medium sized room in 20 minutes but it would struggle in a large room.

Yankee Candle Bourbon Wood Barrels

This is a special appearance candle that popped up on the UK website not long ago. And yes, I’m not a fan of boozey scent but it just sounded so interesting I had to try it out.


The official scent notes for Yankee Candle Bourbon Wood Barrels are Cask Whiskey, Aged Oak Barrel, Clove, and Vanilla Extract.

Burning Yankee Candle Bourbon Wood Barrels I can smell the whiskey on top of a more classic mix of oak and clove. The vanilla base…I’m not sure I like it in this specific fragrance. If it would be a darker, amber vanilla blend, it would fit really well. But the went with the generic, foody smelling vanilla extract and it clashes with the oak a bit too much. It’s not a very strong vanilla, it does not dominate the overall fragrance or anything, this is very much a clove and oak scent with the whiskey on top, but it’s at the base there and I would just prefer a different type of vanilla.

This has such specific notes that aside from a dark amber vanilla blend, I don’t have a lot of ideas what to layer it with. I did go with the most obvious Yankee Candle Vanilla Bourbon and it fit amazingly well.

Yankee Candle World Journeys Rolling Hills of Ireland

I have quite a few birthday and anniversary parties coming up and I’m the person who shows up at these things with candles while I leave wine bottles and brownies to others. Since most of the people I’ll be visiting enjoy scented candles and buy them for themselves I tend to bring stuff that isn’t in the stores right now to avoid getting them something they’ve already bought.

I was in the UK quite a bit at the beginning of the year and I took advantage of the CVS special (they don’t deliver to my usual neck of the EU) that was going on a World Journeys line set.  We don’t get World Journey line here at all and I think they can now only be found at these type of CVS specials or at US outlets.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the tumblers but they seem to work well as gifts, people find them less fussy than large jars, easier and quicker to pool and less tunneling issues, so I’m happy to give them out as gifts when I happen to get my hands on them.

The set I got included Yankee Candle World Journeys Rolling Hills of Ireland, Yankee Candle World Journeys Appalachian Daisy and Yankee Candle World Journeys, Japanese Blossom.

Official scent notes in Yankee Candle World Journeys Rolling Hills of Ireland are:  sweet meadow scent, green grass and wildflowers.

Based on the scent description I was expecting something much greener and grassier. This actually smells more like Yankee Candle Child’s Wish or Summer’s Wish than anything grass-y. It’s soft and fresh and clean without anything particular standing out. A bit of soft, green florals, a bit of floral sweetness and a lot of blending is pretty much what’s going on here.

It’s a nice background scent that won’t give anyone a migraine and is very guest friendly.

Yankee Candle Green Grass

Yankee Candle Green Grass is a must have in my house. I’ve been burning it for years and even though I’ve tried quite a few grass scents it remains in my top 5. It’s very natural, not embellished with various floral notes like many grass scents are.

Growing up on a farm, the scent of fresh cut grass and the scent of dry hay are notes that will instantly make me feel good. To me, this is a summer in a candle kind of fragrance and this year I’ve started burning it in March because I’ve just been craving good vibes I get from this scent.

Yankee Candle Green Grass scented candle Review

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Green Grass are: fresh cut grass.

This smells exactly like fresh cut green grass. It’s quite strong so a little goes a long way. It’s similar to Demeter Grass perfume but even fresher.

This is one of the scents I don’t normally like mixing with anything since it’s so strong on its own but this year I’ve burned it with the new Yankee Strawberry Lemon Ice and I liked it enough to also try it with Yankee Cherry Lemonade and both worked really well for getting the picnic vibe.

The scent throw on my large jar is a 9. I burn this in my main hall and the scent travels into all the rooms on the floor and even upstairs. Very strong scent with loads of throw.

Yankee Candle Emerald Isle

Yankee Candle Emerald Isle is new for St. Patrick’s Day collection. Every year I either host a St. Patrick’s Party or I go to (at least) one, so these special editions, themed candles are pretty much an auto-buy. They make for a no brainer decorations and they’re an awesome gift for the host.

This year we get two new scents, and Emerald Isle can be bought in either classic jars, tumblers, melt cups or – my favorite and the ones I’ll pick up – the layered two wick medium tumblers. With those, you get the layered wax in three shades of green and I like the look of that the most. Mind that all three layers of the wax have the same scent though, so the fragrance itself is consistent throughout.

Yankee candle Emerald Isle scented candle

Yankee Candle Emerald Isle smells like bright citrus on top of a green, grassy base. I really enjoy these type of scents, but the top citrus note is more or less pure lemon and if you’re not a fan of lemon scents since they can give off the “toilet cleaner” vibe to some people, keep that in mind. The citrus is much stronger than the grass note and the overall fragrance will work great as a room freshener.

If you want something a bit more complex, layer it with April Showers for added water note to stay on theme. If you want to girly it up, add Verbena to go with the citrus or Pink Peony for a more classic vibe, they both work really well. Or you could always amp up the grassy note with Green Grass.

This is fairly light so you can go with multiple candles of Emerald Isle to really boost up the fragrance or play around with it some more. I’m planning on mixing up a few of the Emerald Isle ones and then add some Green Grass, some Vanilla Lime and some Sicilian Lemon candles and wax melts. I’ll stay within the theme but get a more complex fragrance that will be a bit different at various pots of the house.

Yankee Candle emerald isle scented candle review 2018 st patricks spring

Yankee Candle Emerald Isle is now back for Spring 2019 along with Yankee Candle Lucky Shamrock so we can stock up again.

If these are repackaged I’m thinking they’ll be the old Rolling Hills of Ireland and Irish Cream, both of which are awesome to either burn yourself or give as St. Patrick’s gifts.