Best scented candles to take with you on a holiday

Yes, I take scented candles with me when I travel. Weird? No. It’s awesome. I like scented candles. I burn them every day. I don’t see a reason why throwing a scented candle or two in your bag with your hairdryer and flip-flops would be a no-no.

I always take at least 2 months off work every summer and spend that time at our beach house. It’s the best time of the year for me and as such, it deserves the best scented candles.

The beach house is quite small and it has an open plan layout so I normally take a couple of small scented candle jars to burn inside and a couple of large scented candle jars to burn out on the deck. The deck is where we spend most of our evenings and whenever friends come over we all hang out there.

Burning scented candles outside seems a tad pointless but I have a large jar right by the door and you can get a strong whiff every time you pass the door to go to the bathroom or the kitchen. I keep it in a jar candle holder with a filigree pattern so the candle flame makes these awesome lace patterns on the wall. I just love it and people always comment on how amazing it looks.

I figure summer holiday and scented candles mix well and Yankee Candle does summer, beach, ocean, sand and sun type scents pretty much every year so I just buy whatever their current summer collection is in small jars. Last year my summer holiday scented candles were small jars of Yankee Candle Beach Holiday and Yankee Candle Wild Sea Grass. I like them both well enough and they’re perfect scents for a summer holiday.

7 Best scented candles for a summer holiday

  1. Village Candle Fun In The Sun
  2. Yankee Candle Amber Moon
  3. Village Candle African Safari
  4. Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower
  5. Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk
  6. Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil
  7. Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset

For outdoor summer evening candle burns, I’ll bring a large candle jar of Yankee Candle Amber Moon and a large candle jar of Village Candle African Safari.

Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset Review

Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset was a part of the Fall Out of Africa collection. The other candles in this collection are Kilimanjaro Stars, Egyptian Musk and Madagascan Orchid and I have done a review on all of them. I’m seriously annoyed that European collections regularly show up at US Yankee Candle outlets and none of the US scents ever show up at European stores. Come on Yankee, ship ‘em over, we’ll buy them!

Anyway, my last Yankee Candle haul that included the Out Of Africa candles finally arrived! Today is a super hot day and I plan to spend it at the pool with the kids or inside with the a/c cranked up and playing around with my new candles.

I started burning Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset first thing in the morning because it’s such a fresh scent and I fit amazingly with the hot summer morning weather. I really don’t find it a Fall scent, but rather a full on, “the scorching sun is about to come out” fragrance.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset are: fruit, citrus, lotus flower and amber.

What I get in Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset is a full-on orange at first, but not orange juice but rather the orange fruit with the peel still on. It’s less juicy and sweet but more zesty and rich. The orange note is followed by a hint of lotus. It’s really faint if I didn’t read that it was lotus I would have said it’s orange blossom. It’s definitely a summer floral note but really soft. The amber warms the scent up but again, it’s light and only adds to the summer feeling is get from this fragrance. All in all, I’d say Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset is a super fresh smell that can be burned all year round either as a living room scent, kitchen candle and it will even work as a bathroom candle. Unless you have some aversion to oranges, it’s a pretty safe choice because it’s a lovely fragrance.

I think I know why this is such a summer scent to me. Years ago, before I had children, my husband and I traveled a lot and at one time we went to Corfu island in Greece for a few weeks. It’s a very “postcard” destination, perfect for a “beach and Vespa trips” type of holiday. Anyway, they make this kumquat liqueur there and they have a bunch of small factories that specialize in it. We visited quite a few and sampled more than our fair share of the kumquat liqueur and when you’re there the whole place smells like dark, intense oranges. That’s exactly what Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset smells like – summer holiday on the Corfu island!

My medium jar version of Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset burns clean and even in my hurricane candle holder, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is about 7. I burned this in my main living room as a day candle and it scented the room in about an hour.

Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil review

Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil scented candle is a part of the Grand Bazaar for Spring/Summer Yankee Candle EU/UK collection. The other two scented candles in that Grand Bazaar collection are Oud Oasis and Frankincense.

Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil scented candle notes are: patchouli and sandalwood, argan oil.

Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil is an awesome and original home fragrance. On cold sniff I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but after burning it a couple it a couple of times I’m actually thinking about getting a backup jar. My Mum fell in love with it and even my Dad, who really dislikes scented candles came in and went: “Wow, something smells great.”

To me, Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil smells like the expensive pure Argan oil you get when your hair is such a mess you feel like you need to spend some money to get it into shape. It’s intense and amazing. The Argan oil note is backed by a tiny bit of patchouli which to me just smells like incense. I don’t really get any sandalwood in this which is a bonus for me since sandalwood usually pulls masculine and I’m not a big fan of that.

I have a small jar of Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil and a couple of votives. My jar burns nice and even. I burn it in my living room and I get a wax pool in about an hour and the room gets scented in half an hour. The scent throw is about a 7 which is good since it’s such a strong fragrance. I melt the votives and the scent throw when melting a quarter of a votive in Yankee Candle Moroccan Argan Oil is a solid 8.

Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk Review

Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk is a part of the Fall  Out of Africa collection together with Kilimanjaro stars, Serengeti Sunset, and Madagascan Orchid. I got the entire collection and even though it’s a collection of Fall scents I just couldn’t wait and I’ve been burning all of them and really enjoying them despite the extremely perfect summer weather we’ve been having.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk are: musk with hints of vanilla bean and cedarwood.

What I get in Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk is a full on dark musk with a  bit of vanilla bean. The bean adds the earthy note to the musk and that earthy vein is enhanced by the cedarwood. The cedarwood note is very light you have to go out of the room and come back with a clean, fragrance-free nose to be able to pick it up. When I’m smelling it for a while and am used to it, I can’t distinguish it anymore.
I love this scent. It’s mostly musk so if you don’t like musk notes this is not the candle for you.

I’ve been to Egypt many times and have spent some pretty amazing months in Kairo, exploring the city and soaking up the culture. Because of my memories, I’d probably buy the candle for the name alone but I really enjoy the smell of it. It does smell like Egypt but then again Egypt is filled with so many incredible scents that you can point to a bunch of different fragrances and say : “I smelled that in Egypt!”

Egyptian Musk is not overwhelming like a covered Egyptian bazaar. It’s actually a pretty straightforward fragrance because the musk note is so dominant.

Again, this is a summer scent for me. I connect Egypt with heath and sun and hot nights in my head so Egyptian Musk fits as a summer candle. I’ll get a backup of this for sure since I’ll burn this all year round.

My medium jar version of Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk burns clean and even in my hurricane candle holder, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is about 9. I burned this in my main living room as a day candle and it scented the room in less than half an hour.

 Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower Review

Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower is in online EU Yankee stores right now as a Treasure or rather a Yankee Candle Special Appearance Candle which means it’s only available in a large jar. I’ve bought a ton of the Treasure Yankees during my last Yankee Candle Online Haul and I’m having so much fun burning them and trying out all these fragrances.

I really like Tahitian Tiare Flower. It’s a beautiful floral scent and my large jar is throwing well.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower are: Reminiscent of sweet gardenias . . . love blooms in the hypnotic fragrance of this snowy white flower.

To me, Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower smells a lot like the Yankee Candle White Gardenia candle but with an added tropical note, like passion flower. I get a light non-foody vanilla note and an amazing white flower smell. It’s pretty and perfect for the summer and I would absolutely recommend it if you like floral fragrance.

I’ve been burning Yankee Candle Tahitian Tiare Flower in a large jar in my hurricane holder and it burned with no issues. The scent throw was about a 6. I burned it in my main hall and in my living room during the day since I find it to be a great summer day scent and I got a nice wax pool after about three hours. I would buy Tahitian Tiare Flower again but in smaller versions and I hope EU Yankee brings it back in more forms than just the large jar as I would love to get some tarts and votives in this scent.

Village Candle African Safari Review

Village Candle African Safari is a newer fragrance from Village Candle. I got it because I wanted to see how it compares to the new Yankee Candle Serengeti Sunset and after burning both candles I can safely say they’re not even in the same orbit.

The official scent notes of Village Candle African Safari are: light breezes, scented by grasses, and the aroma of the wild planes .

From this description the only note I was expecting was grass, and there’s no grass scent in this candle. It’s a musky, perfumey fragrance, quite heavy on the musk and amber. There’s a spice added as well so together with the amber it makes a pretty warm scent that I would generally prefer to burn in the evenings. I get some nuttiness of vanilla bean as well but just as an undertone.

Village Candle African Safari smells super strong on cold but don’t let that turn you off. When burning it’s actually pretty medium scented, the scent throw a solid 8. If you like this fragrance and want to scent a smaller storage space I suggest you just chuck this in with the lid off and you’ll be able to smell it. I once put my small jar of Village Candle African Safari in my large shoe closet and it scented the whole thing.

I burned my two wick small jar of Village Candle African Safari in my main hall in my luminary candle holder and it scented the hall in about an hour. I got a nice wax pool in under an hour.

Village Candle Fun In The Sun scented candle Review

I bought Village Candle Fun In The Sun because I was being all nostalgic about my empty Yankee Candle Sun & Sand and I wanted to burn something that will smell like summer and beach and will fit the epic summer temperatures we’re having here at the moment. The kids and I basically live in the pool, emerging only to grab an occasional snack and iced tea but in the evenings I light up a couple of my scented candles and my a/c and just veg out like you’re supposed to in the summer.

Village Candle Fun In The Sun is one of the classic fragrances and I bought it in a large tumbler that has up to 110 hours of burn time and two wicks. Village Candle Fun In The Sun is a part of their Décor collection.

The official scent notes of Village Candle Fun In The Sun scented candle are: orange flower and white musk .

It’s one of the less complex Village Candles I’ve tried so far but sometimes you don’t need 12 scent notes to make something smell good, you just need the right two. And this smells good! The musk fits the summery orange flower, I also get some tonka bean, and it does smell like summer and heath and getting ready to go out after a day at the beach.

The large jar tumbler Village Candle Fun In The Sun burned well in my luminary, I got an even wax pool after an hour and the scent throw is a strong 7.

I would say this is a close dupe for Village Candle Beach Party. It has a tad more musk and a little bit more of the tonka bean but all in all, if you’re not smelling it super up close, they’re dupes. The musk note and the tonka also make it similar to Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk from the Out of Africa collection. Not dupes, but if you like one, you’ll like the other.

Yankee Candle Amber Moon Review

Yankee Candle Amber Moon scented candle was a part of a Fall collection and is still available in my Yankee Candle store. I have the large jar and a few tarts. It’s an intense scent as European Fall Yankee scents tend to be but despite the sandalwood and the patchouli, it’s not cloying or too heavy.

The notes in Yankee Candle Amber Moon: amber, patchouli and sandalwood.

I get a lot of amber and some citrus orange as well. It’s a bit like Yankee Candle Golden Sands. The scent is soft and creamy due to the strong amber note and I also get some sandalwood and only a little bit of patchouli.

It’s an evening only scent for me and because of it’s so strong I tend to burn it on the deck. I mostly burn the jar outside during late summer evenings. I find it too strong for indoors.

The large jar version of Yankee Candle Amber Moon burns clean and even in my luminary, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is super strong.