best spa scented candles list

Best scented candles for relaxation

I’ve been very into spa scented candles since December. I always gravitate towards these types of fragrances in January and February but we’re in late April now and I still buy and burn these fragrances daily. I used to have “morning” scented candles that I’d burn every morning while my family and I got ready for the day and I’d have a selection of coffee, tea and cookie type scents that worked as my morning scents.
Now, I’ve gone into all “spa” relaxing scents for our mornings. It helps that these fragrances also seem to be a trend with major candle companies so I have tons of selection and here are my top picks for spa scented candles.

Now a definition of a relaxing “spa” scent can be pretty wide. But I’ll go with anything that makes you feel calm and clean. I like body care type scents for this, especially if they have lots of watery notes added. I also like tea scents and some cotton scents that manage to avoid the soapy range.

My absolutely favorite spa scents and the ones that I always have on hand and have burned through 7 jars each and melted numerous tarts in are:

Yankee Candle Aloe Water
Yankee Candle Shea Butter
Kringle Candle Egyptian Cotton

These following scents I also love and have gone through multiple jars of, but they aren’t an absolute staple like the ones above:

Yankee Candle Chamomile Tea
Yankee Candle Linden Tree
Kringle Candle Warm Cotton
Kringle Candle Spa Day
Yankee Candle Island Spa
Yankee Candle Wild Mint

Yankee Candle Island Spa Review

Yankee Candle Island Spa has been around a while, it’s been gone now for some time but it’s back in many forms right now. I always have a medium jar of this in my stash because it’s quite an unexpected fragrance for a summer candle from Yankee and for the theme, name and the overall visual of the candle, I find it to be a very surprising scent.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Island Spa are citrus aroma of crisp, juicy mandarins and vibrant lemon verbena.

I smell loads of lemon on a herbal foundation. It’s basically a herbal verbena with lots of lemons thrown on top. You do get a tiny bit of a floral vibe from the verbena but it’s mostly just the herbal bit with the citrus.

If you do loads of various lemon-based cleaners and detergents at your house, this could pull the detergent way but if your mind doesn’t automatically link unsweetened lemon to a cleaning product, I’d say give this a sniff.

It’s either a bathroom or a clean vibe type fragrance. I’ve given lots of these as presents to men, because I find that when giving summer themed candles to men, you’re often stuck with either the fruity punch/drink option or the cologne option and I have loads of guy friends who go for neither of those and prefer the “just cleaned the flat” home fragrance.

Compared to the Yankee Candle Verbena, there is more lemon in here and the verbena is more on the herbal side. I find Island Spa to be more clean smelling and Verbena more relaxing and spa-like.

The scent throw on the medium jar is a 7.

Kringle Candle Spa Day Review

I’ve really been enjoying spa type fragrances in April and May. I love how so many candle companies are adding to their spa scent selection as opposed to just putting out more and more laundry type scents. I do like my fair share of laundry scents but the spa ones are just lighter and even fresher and I’m just loving them for the late spring weeks.

This scent is not groundbreaking or particularly unique but it’s such a good and well-balanced mix that I’m thinking about getting it in a large candle. It smells like cucumber and mint mix, heavier on the mint. There’s a faint sweetness from the apple underlining the top two notes, adding some substance to the water quality of the cucumber. The mint in this is excellent. It’s an aired out spa mint, not spearminty or herbal but just giving the freshness and the clean feeling that pair really well with the cucumber.

So yes, the cucumber and mint mixes are classics for relaxation fragrances but this is a superb version and I’d highly recommend it.

I only have a wax melt of this for now and the throw on one piece was a solid 7.

Kringle Candle Warm Cotton Review

I always buy this type of fragrance from any candle company. Partly because I like seeing what each company does with it, partly because I use them so often. I’ll pretty much melt the fresh linen type scents all through January and February and yearlong in the bathrooms so I can go through 30 or more candles a year in these scents alone.

The official scent notes in Kringle Candle Warm Cotton are citrus/fresh notes, gentle florals, and traces of musk.

I’m very surprised that there’s no actual soap note here. It’s not a fabric softener of a detergent scent. I actually get the while floral mix, mostly jasmine, a bit of the citrus and loads of powdery musk. I like the scent but it’s nothing special. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a linen fragrance, more of a floral, everyday soft scent. Think more Yankee Candle’s Wedding Day than Fluffy Towels. There’s also what I think is a bit of sandalwood in here which warms it up. It’s not near as warm as Yankee’s Soft Blanket though.

The scent throw on the medium jar of Kringle Candle Warm Cotton is a 7. It scented most of my living room in half an hour and I got an even wax pool after 1,5 hours. It has two wicks and 75 hours of burn time.

I’d burn this as a January and February daytime candle.

Yankee Candle Camomile Tea scented candle Review

My local Yankee Candle store just posted a bunch of candles online for 30% off because they’re cleaning out the retiring scents. I’ll be buying some candles, is what I’m saying. One of the ones currently warming in my cart in Yankee Candle Camomile Tea. I’ve had a small jar of Yankee Candle Camomile Tea and burned it last year and I wouldn’t repurchase it for full price but for 30% off, into the cart it goes.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Camomile Tea are chamomile and honey steeped with tea leaves and a touch of citrus zest.

Burning Yankee Candle Camomile Tea, it doesn’t really smell like tea. The strongest note in Camomile Tea is actually honey, followed my chamomile and underlined by a lemon note. It’s a very sweet, calming scent that I would burn in the mornings in my kitchen or my living room.

Camomile Tea is very strong, my small jar threw like a champ, I’d rate the scent throw a 9. It’s a good scent, I’d like to be able to smell the tea note and for the chamomile note to be more dominant and that would make it perfect. My store only has votives left in this scent so I’ll be melting some Camomile Tea in the future.

Yankee Candle Linden Tree Review

Yankee Candle Linden Tree is a part of the new addition to the Pure Essence Collection. I love the original Pure Essence scents and have re-bought those many times over the past two years, last year was a bit of a miss but this year they’re really great again.

Yankee Candle Linden Tree is a great candle for a clean, calming, “spa” feeling. I mostly use it as a morning candle and if I feel like I’m growing tired of the scent I mix it with Yankee Candle Chamomile Tea for a bit more dimension or Shea Butter.

I really enjoy spa type fragrances, especially for early spring and mornings in general. This is not a very strong candle, nor is it supposed to be. It’s meant to be on the lighter side so if you’re looking for a very strong scent, this is not for you. It’s great if you have some lighter scents lying around and you want to play with fragrance layering. Linden Tree layers great and won’t overwhelm.

It smells like a linden blossom scented body lotion. If you’ve never smelled linden blossom, the first thing I’d compare it to is chamomile. It’s a soft, bright floral with a honey undertone. The comparison also stems from the fact, that linden tea and chamomile tea were staples in my house growing up and the first thing my mum reached for any time I had a cold. The scent of linden, therefore, has a massively comforting vibe for me, but linden tea is a very Slavic thing and I’m not sure if the rest of the world also always has a box of it lurking in the cupboards.

Yankee Candle Linden Tree veers more towards body product than tea, but the linden note is quite well done.

Yankee Candle Wild Mint Review

Yankee Candle Wild Mint is a part of the Pure Essence addition.

As most Pure Essence fragrances, Wild Mint is more spa, body care type scent than straight up green herbs or florals. In home fragrance you either get a mint in a mixed herbs fragrance, mint and eucalyptus mix or mint and chocolate and mint and pine for the holiday season. That makes Wild Mint unique since it’s not any of those typical mint fragrances.

Wild Mint is very soft, clean and relaxing. It’s the lightest of the Pure Essence range so keep that in mind if you want something potent. I get a bit of aloe in here as well, making the overall fragrance a bit smoother and watery.