Best Pumpkin scented candles

I went all out with pumpkin fragrances this year. I got a lot of testers, votives and melts so I was able to go through a lot fast. I started them in September, with more pumpkin apple mixes and then went into heavier, spicier, bakery pumpkin fragrances in October.


Putting together this list I wanted to pick scents that represent a wide range of stuff you can do with one note and I wanted to cover several companies because the sale times vary and some are easier available than others.

7 Best Pumpkin Scented Candles

Village Candle Pumpkin Bread

Yankee Candle Sugared Pumpkin Swirl

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch

Village Candle Spiced Pumpkin

Kringle Candle White Pumpkin

Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath or Better Homes and Gardens wax melt Exotic Amber Woods

Country Candle Pumpkin Cider Donut

Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath is one of the most popular Yankee Fall fragrances. It’s being discontinued after this season and I see people hoarding candles in this scent because they love it so much. I could never get my hands on a jar candle but I did have a single tart that I melted last November.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath are : fall pumpkins, oakwood, cinnamon bark, clove, apple, resinous spice, wood notes.

Just reading the notes you can see it’s one of the more complex Yankee Candle scents. Melting Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath I smell the wood, tart apple, fresh pumpkin, very mellow spices and a resin note. It’s very complex, well balanced, it’s woody and spicy and fruity and warm all at the same time. It really is a very good, very fall scent.

I melted my Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath tart in November. I melted half a tart at a time and it scented my whole floor in about 15 minutes. The scent throw is a very strong 9. Next time I only melted a quarter of the tart and it still filled my living room with scent. It’s a cold rainy autumn day candle.

I hear there’s a dupe for Yankee Candle Pumpkin Wreath fragrance and it’s Better Homes and Gardens wax melt in the scent Exotic Amber Woods. Those throw really well too.

Kringle Candle White Pumpkin scented candle Review

I’ve mentioned before that all candle companies seem to be jumping on the whole pumpkin train this year. While white pumpkin fragrances from Goose Creek and Colonial don’t really smell all that different than your regular pumpkin scents to me, this one is quite unique and I wouldn’t even say it’s a pumpkin fragrance.

Kringle Candle White Pumpkin scented candle review fall  2015

The official scent notes in Kringle Candle White Pumpkin are: Creamy, rich, essence of pumpkin.

Melting this, I get ginger and an earthy green note. I guess that could be interpreted as the pumpkin but in that case, it’s pumpkin the growing vegetable, not the pumpkin puree, cooked pumpkin stuff. Following the spiciness of ginger, I get lots of fresh patchouli. The patchouli note is the kind that is often used in perfumes, so the very fresh take on it. It’s not dark or overly intense like the patchouli you can get in something like Village Candle’s Patchouli Peppercorn. Blending the two together is a creamy note and a bit of sandalwood.

The scent throw on one piece of wax melt of Kringle Candle White Pumpkin is a 7. It scented most of my living room in 10 minutes.

I’d burn this in the evenings in October and November.

Village Candle Spiced Pumpkin scented candle Review

Village Candle Spiced Pumpkin is one of my all-time favorite pumpkin scents. I went through two large jars last year, my Mum’s on her second large jar and I’ve bought and burned a jar this year as well.

The official scent notes in Village Candle Spiced Pumpkin are: pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger.

For me, this is the perfect non-bakery spiced pumpkin fragrance. It’s simple in the sense that there’s nothing fancy here, but it’s so well balanced and the spices don’t overwhelm the pumpkin note. I get the pumpkin puree, the cinnamon and nutmeg, a tiny bit of bakery type ginger and all that spice is softened by the vanilla extract. There’s some brown sugar added to the whole mix but it’s not so much that it would end up smelling overly sweet.

The scent throw on a this is an 8, it scents up my whole living room and travels around a bit.

My jars burn perfectly, make sure you don’t trim the wicks and fuss with them they do fine on their own. In the middle of the jar the flames will get smallish and the burn will slow down but it will correct itself after a few burns, mine always do.

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch scented candle Review

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch was the last of my Kringle pumpkin scents. I finished melting it this week and while it was a nice scent I mixed it with Kringle Spiced Apple or Kringle Apple Chutney. I just like my pumpkin/apple mix and while I leave bakery and foody type pumpkin fragrances alone, I tend to mix the more plain, earthy versions with apple scents.

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch scented candle Review

Image by Kringle Candle

The official scent notes in Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch are: pumpkin, spicy ginger, clove and a suggestion of sugar.

It’s a basic, spiced pumpkin scent. The pumpkin note is good, there are some ginger and lots of clove, mellowed by sweetened vanilla. It’s OK, but nothing to write home about, too basic for my taste and too basic for the price in my opinion. I’d pay Kringle prices for the look of the candle, but the scents…are not up there for me.

The scent throw on one piece of the wax melt of Kringle Candle Pumpkin Patch is a 7. It scented most of my living room in half an hour.

I’d burn this during the day in September and October and I’d mix it with any apple or spiced apple scents because it really pops when you put the apple sweetness in the mix.

Country Candle Pumpkin Cider Donut Review

Kringle Candle already has an Apple Cider Donut fragrance in their range and they’ve added Pumpkin Cider Donut in their Country Candle line.

The both scents mix really well together, the donut note in both matches, so you get a really nice foody fragrance when you layer them.

Kringle Candle Country Candle Pumpkin Cider Donut has the tart cider note on top and then loads of the “donut” at the base. The donut is not the greasy, fried donut you get from the famous BBW candle but it is a baked dough scent. If you didn’t know the name of the candle and went by scent alone, this is more of a spiced cider muffin scent overall. There’s no actual pumpkin, just some pumpkin spices but it’s not a spicy fragrance. Just enough of cinnamon to make the cider note more autumnal.

You can easily amp up the apple with a bit of Macintosh to make the scent more apple strudel or mix it with White Pumpkin to get more earthy spice. I’ve also mixed it with Pumpkin Frosting and loved the result.

Yankee Candle Sugared Pumpkin Swirl Review

Yankee Candle Sugared Pumpkin Swirl is the new pumpkin scent from the Fall 2017 collection. There has to be a pumpkin scent in a USA Fall collection it seems (and an apple one) despite the pumpkin scents that are already in the core line.

Yankee Candle Sugared Pumpkin Swirl has a lot of pumpkin spice. A lot. And the pumpkin spice is heavy on the cinnamon in this. It is a full-on, red hot cinnamon, with loads of clove, some ginger and nutmeg. The spices are so intense it takes a while before you’re able to smell the other notes underneath but eventually, you do get a blast of sweetness. It’s a dense, thick sweetness, a mix of honey and caramel that fits well once the spice blast calms down a bit.
I honestly can’t smell anything else, so to me, it’s very similar – but much stronger on the spice- to Yankee’s Sugar and Spice.

This is a good one to buy and just layer it with anything from coffee and bakery to fruit and just “pumpkin spice everything” when the Fall vibe hits you hard.

Village Candle Pumpkin Bread Review

Village Candle Pumpkin Bread is my favorite pumpkin bread scented candle that’s easily available in the Fall season.

Village Candle Pumpkin Bread smells like bread, nutmeg, clove, and ginger. My favorite part of this fragrance is that it smells like spiced bread instead of “pie” and that it doesn’t have cinnamon in it. Cinnamon is such an easy note to make a fragrance “autumnal” and I always get cinnamon saturated during the season since companies love to throw it into every candle. With Village Candle Pumpkin Bread they managed to get a nice, soft spice blend without going in with the cinnamon.
The second best part of Village Candle Pumpkin Bread is that it’s not a sweet scent. It smells like actual bread, not desert. I get the buttery baked note but without the sugar notes that are used in these type of scents so many times.