best pineapple scented candles list

Best Pineapple scented candles

Summer is the time to pull out pineapple scented wax and I figured a best pineapple scented candles list was in order.

I only put currently available scents on these lists (I don’t count ebay scalpers and their wax as “available”) and I was surprised that the list came out quite short. Pineapple notes are actually common in various mixed fruit fragrances (especially all things pina colada) that I enjoy but unless I can walk into a room that has a candle burning or a piece of wax melting and pineapple is a dominant note, it didn’t make this list.

best pineapple scented candles list

If you’re into mixing scents, the most obvious note to mix with pineapple is coconut. But it should be either fresh or candy, syrup type coconut as I find that fresh pineapple mixed with a toasted coconut note can turn out pretty horrible.

Less obvious scents I pair with pineapple are sandalwood and beach wood (which is most often cedar with a strong salt note). It just gives me the best “night at the beach” vibe. If the wood notes are too strong for the pineapple to shine through, I’ll throw in a creamy vanilla to really get a sweetened, creamier version.

A good way to layer pineapple is also with lemon candles. If you find yourself stuck with a lemon scented candle you just can’t deal with because it reminds you too much of a cheap multipurpose cleaner, mix it with a good pineapple scent.


Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray

I finished Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray in early July this year. I bought a ton of sea and water fragranced candles in the hopes of finding one I’ll love and that won’t smell like a bathroom cleaner and I’ve been burning them since June but sadly, I still haven’t found a really good one.

I had Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray in an oblong three wick glass jar candle. The oblong candles come with no lids and have 24.5oz. The burn time on them is approximately 65-75 hours.

I love how this looked and it was really strong due to the three wicks and a large wax pool. I started burning it in my main hall and the scent throw was a 9 so it scented my whole house. Sadly, the scent didn’t appeal to me so it got bumped to the deck where I burned it in the evenings and it burned nice and even.

Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray scented candle Review oblong jar

Image by Goose Candle

The official notes in Goose Creek Pineapple Seaspray are: bergamot, pineapple, fresh watery ozone, pink peppercorn, white peach, jasmine, blonde woods, skin musk, vanilla.

I got a cologne note which was what made it unappealing to me. I don’t like cologne type scents as home fragrance. That aside, it smelled like woody pineapple. It’s quite masculine with the pepper, bergamot and woods. With the added pineapple is like a nice fruity men’s cologne.

Yankee Candle Pineapple Citrus

Yankee Candle Pineapple Citrus is currently an online exclusive and only available in the large jar. I hauled it during my last Returning Favorites /Treasures spree. I tend to like all things pineapple from Yankee and this one went right to the top of my favorite pineapple scents.

Yankee Candle Pineapple Citrus scented candle

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Pineapple Citrus scented candle are: pineapple, citrus, coconut

It smells like sweet, fresh pineapple, I get some coconut but it doesn’t drag the pineapple into the cocktail territory, the scent stays nice, fresh and fruity. The citrus notes are hanging in the background, I mostly get some orange and lime. I really like how they kept the scent smelling like fresh cut fruit ( albeit very sweet fruit) and didn’t go into sweetened drink pool with it.

I’ve actually been burning this in the main hall in the mornings even though I normally stick to kitchen only with fruity scent. This just makes me happy and awake.

I don’t really feel like I could mix it with other stuff and not ruin it, but if pressed, I’d go for a whole pineapple theme and burn it alone in the morning, pair it with Pineapple Cilantro in the afternoon and pair it with Black Coconut in the evenings.

Yankee Candle Warm Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Warm Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Yankee Candle Warm Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a nice take on a pineapple scent. Pineapple fragrances are everywhere in summer and usually they are paired with coconut and loads of sugar cane to get the pina colada fragrance. Honestly, I don’t need another take on a pina colada scent so anything new with pineapple, sign me up.

Yankee Candle Warm Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a fairly simple scent, I get pineapple loads of brown sugar and tons of sweet vanilla. It’s a very sweet scent, and there’s no cake note per se, just the sugar and vanilla mix.

This can totally be a full on summer scented candle. I’ve paired it with a bunch of classic summer fruit fragrances and it works wonderfully.

Because of the brown sugar note the scent is warmer and more autumnal and if you add any of the pumpkin spice mixes, you’ll have a very nice, sweet fall scent.

Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush

Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush

Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush together with Havana Nights is a late online exclusive addition to the Havana summer collection and while Havana Nights is a very sophisticated, somewhat unexpected scent, Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush is the exact opposite to that. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a summer fragrance.

Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush smells mostly like sweet pineapple and dragonfruit mix with some citrus thrown in and a warm vanilla base.

Yankee Candle Tropical Fruit Crush

The dragon fruit note is the same as in Yankee’s Pink Dragonfruit, so very juicy and sweet. The overall fragrance is nice, it avoids the dreaded generic fruit punch smell because there’s no sugar or sugarcane added to the scent, it’s just vanilla and natural sweetness of the fruits, so it’s not that sickly summer cocktail sweet but more fruity, fresher and lighter.
Is it a must buy? If you like fruit bowl scents, this is a very good one. If you’re bored by them in general, I’d say skip it. It will blend very well with the Cuban Mojito from the same collection.

Village Candle Pink Grapefruit

Village Candle Pink Grapefruit is a new fruit scent they brought out this Spring/Summer together with Dahlia and Lemon pistachio. For a three piece collection I think they did a fairly good job, covering three categories and giving good additions to the existing core scents. I think maybe they could do without another grapefruit based scent in their fruit range though, I feel like they have a lot of these.

That being said, I did try them all because I love grapefruit scents but they are notorious for getting that weird ammonia undertone that generally translates as “cat pee”. This didn’t pull in that direction, it’s actually pretty heavy onpineapple and mango and fresh and juicy overall. Really great for summer.

In fact, I’ll be doing a big “End of Winter” themed barbecue for about 30 people this weekend and I’ll go all grapefruit scents mixed some lemonade ones.

The official scent notes in Village Candle Pink Grapefruit are: grapefruit and mandarin zest, juicy pineapple, peach, mango.

I smell the grapefruit that is very fresh and bitter, like it’s supposed to be, a lot of pineapple and mango to sweeten the grapefruit and mellow it out and that’s about it. The sweetness in there could be from a peach note as well but I can’t really smell peach specifically.

A really nice scent if you like grapefruit, it will blend well with anything citrus and if you have some failed citrus candles at home that smell like your plain mosquito repelling citronella you might try mixing it with this one. It’s very strong and it might save the unfortunate citronella.

The scent throw on a quarter of a melted votive was a solid 9.

Yankee Candle Pina Colada

I’m in Ireland for the week and I didn’t bring any candles with me because I’m planning to do some wax shopping anyway and I’ll just burn/melt the new stuff. I went to Yankee Candle first, to see the treasures they have out and maybe pick up some of those and I ended up getting the Riviera Escape melts to try and a large jar of Pina Colada. I actually lit the Pina Colada jar when I got back to the apartment and when a few friends came over they couldn’t stop commenting on how great the scent was. It’s been a while since a candle has made such an impact. One of my friends was really falling in love with it so I gave her the jar when she was leaving and she texted me later in the evening saying she started it as soon as she got home and still can’t get over how amazing it is.

 Yankee Candle Pina Colada

Image by Yankee Candle

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Pina Colada are: pineapple and coconut.

Yankee Candle Pina Colada smells like a very sweet version of the drink. It’s a nice pineapple and sweetened coconut mixture with an added creamy note. I’ve smelled a bunch of pina colada wax over the years and this one is definitely top 5. The notes are well balanced, not sickly sweet, the coconut is not drowned by the pineapple and the creamy base blends everything together and mellows out any sharpness.

Good candle to have burning throughout the day in July and August.

The scent throw on the large jar was a solid 7, scenting a medium sized room within 15 minutes.

I wouldn’t mind a few more notes mixed into this to make it a tad more interesting but I suppose that would throw it into a general “cocktail” territory and it wouldn’t be a pina colada scent anymore. And I could always just mix it with other scents if I got bored with it.