Best Pineapple scented candles

Summer is the time to pull out pineapple scented wax and I figured a best pineapple scented candles list was in order.

I only put currently available scents on these lists (I don’t count ebay scalpers and their wax as “available”) and I was surprised that the list came out quite short. Pineapple notes are actually common in various mixed fruit fragrances (especially all things pina colada) that I enjoy but unless I can walk into a room that has a candle burning or a piece of wax melting and pineapple is a dominant note, it didn’t make this list.

best pineapple scented candles list

If you’re into mixing scents, the most obvious note to mix with pineapple is coconut. But it should be either fresh or candy, syrup type coconut as I find that fresh pineapple mixed with a toasted coconut note can turn out pretty horrible.

Less obvious scents I pair with pineapple are sandalwood and beach wood (which is most often cedar with a strong salt note). It just gives me the best “night at the beach” vibe. If the wood notes are too strong for the pineapple to shine through, I’ll throw in a creamy vanilla to really get a sweetened, creamier version.

A good way to layer pineapple is also with lemon candles. If you find yourself stuck with a lemon scented candle you just can’t deal with because it reminds you too much of a cheap multipurpose cleaner, mix it with a good pineapple scent.


Out of all the scents I’ve tried and are currently available, here is my best pineapple scented candles list:

Colonial Candle Island Pineapple

Yankee Candle Pineapple Cilantro

Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze

Yankee Candles Pineapple citrus

Goose Creek candle Exhilarating Pineapple

Goose Creek Candle Pineapple Seaspray

Yankee Candle Warm Pineapple Upsidedown Cake