Best Pie Scented Candles

It’s mid-October and I’m fully into spicy, sweet, bakery home fragrance. I have a lot of apple and pumpkin with all sorts of autumn spice going on and since we’re having the kind of October that’s best enjoyed through the window, they’re fitting perfectly.

If you’re in the USA, you get decent pie scents from every wax vendor or company and at any price point you’re willing to pay. There are some Walmart wax melts that are OK, but not amazing and if you’re willing to shell out more money, you can get to amazing pretty fast.

If you’re in Europe, like me, a good pie scent is a bit harder to get. Pumpkin scents are scarce as it is and even companies like Yankee, who have a good range of pumpkin scents in the USA selection, have zero in the EU stores.

A good pie scent needs the graham crust note. If that’s not in there, it at least needs a “bakery” or cake note. That, of course, takes the fragrance more into a cake or cupcake territory, but with a bit of creative sniffing, you can say it’s a pie scent.

The filling note needs to be on point. If they call it pumpkin pie, they need to give us a pumpkin note. Just throwing a bunch of pie spices in a wax cube and calling it a pie scent doesn’t work.

The scents I picked as top pie scented candles range from super sweet to less so. Anything with caramel will probably drown out the more delicate notes like the crust, so I stayed away from the super sweet, heavy pie scents for the list.

9 Best Pie scented candles

  1. Village Candle Warm Apple Pie
  2. Goose Creek Candle Creamy Pumpkin Pie
  3. BBW White Barn Warm Apple Pie
  4. Yankee Candle Pumpkin Pie
  5. Yankee Candle Key Lime Pie
  6. Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin
  7. Goose Creek Candles Pumpkin Pie
  8. Kringle Candle Apple Pie
  9. Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie

Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin scented candle was released for the Spring as a part of the three-piece UK Spring/Summer collection called Café Culture together with Pain Au Raisin and Cappuccino Truffle. I am on my second small jar of Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin and it’s my favorite scent of the Café Culture collection. It’s a strong scent and I burn it in my kitchen.

The notes in Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin are tart, spice, apple, vanilla.

I get the basic delicious freshly baked apple pie filling scent. There’s no fluffy pastry note but a lot of apple filling type apple scent, and a tiny bit of classic apple pie filling stuff like vanilla and sugar. The difference between classic apple dessert scents and Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin is that this is quite fresh. No brown sugar and butter overload here, it’s more apples only with a bit of white sugar sprinkled on top so it stays fresh but still dessert-like.

The small jar version of Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin burns clean and even on its own, I get a nice wax pool after about half an hour and the throw is strong.

The tarts in this scent are strong as well and I only melt half of a tart at a time to fill my entire kitchen with Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin scent.

Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie is not available in stores in Europe but I had some votives that I melted last year and I figured I might as well do a review since I had notes on it and all.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie are: walnuts, pecans and creamy caramel.

I cut my Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie votive into four pieces and melted a quarter. I didn’t get enough of a scent throw from a quarter to scent my kitchen, so I added another bit and from a half of a votive the scent throw was a decent 7. My kitchen got filled with scent in about 20 minutes and one half of a votive was giving off the scent for 22 hours.

yankee candle caramel pecan pie scented candle review

Image by Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Caramel Pecan Pie smells mostly like caramel to me. There’s a bit of a bakery note but it’s not too strong which is good since I find that Yankee’s bakery note tends to smell a bit burned so the lighter the bakery scent, the better in a Yankee. I also get toasted nuts but again I get a slight over-toasted note, like they have been toasting just a couple of minutes too long.

Kringle Candle Apple Pie scented candle Review

More UK visit candles! My friend was burning Kringle Candle Apple Pie in a medium two wick this morning in her kitchen. It’s a pretty basic scent, I don’t really get a bakery note so it’s more like apple pie filling to me. We burned this baby for solid three hours and the scent did’t change, no new notes popped up.

kringle candle apple pie scented candle fall 2015 review

Image by Kringle Candle

The official notes Kringle Candle Apple Pie are: Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Coconut, Honey, Baked Note, Buttery, Sweet Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Tonka.

That’s a lot of notes for a scent that I find very simple and classic. All the interesting notes that are listed don’t come out when you burn this. I can’t get any coconut, the bakery note isn’t there, I can’t smell the honey or the tonka bean. I smell warm, baked apples, the spices, butter, brown sugar and some classic vanilla extract.

It’s very autumn or late summer apple spice scent. Most companies put out an apple pie scent in the fall and this one just smells ordinary to me. I miss a good bakery note in this and I think that if I could smell the coconut and the honey it would be a really got fragrance. Sadly I can’t smell anything interesting so it’s just a “there” scent.

The candle is a medium glass jar with two wicks and gets a nice wax pool after about an hour and a half. There are no burning issues.

The scent throw on Kringle Candle Apple Pie is a 6. We had it burning on the counter and it scented about half of a large, high ceilings kitchen.

Village Candle Warm Apple Pie scented candle Review

I have quite a little stockpile of Village Candles for this fall and I started things off with Village Candle Warm Apple Pie. I’m finishing my small jar today and I’ll be getting a large one in this scent for sure. It will be perfect for the entire fall and winter and I see myself going through more than two jars of this before March.

Village Candle Warm Apple Pie is one of those rare foody scents that is very present but so incredibly well balanced that it actually blends so well into the home that there are hours when I actually forget that I’m smelling a home fragrance, I just know that everything smells pleasant. I find that to be a rare thing with home fragrances. They’re either quite in your face or they’re faint and therefore blend better. This one is not faint but it still blends into the background perfectly.

The official scent notes in Village Candle Warm Apple Pie are: sweet, crunchy apples, cinnamon and cloves, lemon juice and flour, piecrust.

Burning it, it’s a very balanced apple and soft spice scent. The apple note is a definitely baked, sugared apple, I wouldn’t call it crisp at all. I get the soft, bakery cinnamon and a tiny bit of cloves and sugar. The pie crust is ithere but it’s in the far background.

Overall this smells like your kitchen after you’ve baked the apple pie, heavy on the apples and light on the spice, it’s cooling down on the counter, you’ve scrubbed your kitchen and aired it out well. This is the scent exactly. Like warm apple pie in an aired out room. It’s somehow foody and warm but clean and airy at the same time. There are a bunch of notes in here but none of them are the least bit heavy and the lightness is the thing that gives it the special twist that the usual apple or pumpkin pie fragrances lack.

The scent throw on my small jar is an 8. This fills up two rooms in under an hour, I’m not one for food scents outside the kitchen, but I’ve actually burned this in the hall, in my living room and in my office. Basically, I just dragged the poor thing with me all over the house, I liked it so much.

Goose Creek Candles Pumpkin Pie scented candle Review

Goose Creek Candles Pumpkin Pie is another one I got to test out the bakery note from Goose Creek. I don’t make the pie often but I really like the scent, so having a good, true to life pumpkin pie scented candle is a must for my fall candle season.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Pumpkin Pie are: vanilla and pumpkin pie.

This actually smells quite different (better) burning, than it does on cold. Melting the wax, I smell a really well-balanced mix of pumpkin spices, not too heavy on the cinnamon and light on the cloves. There are ginger and nutmeg as well. Then I get the pumpkin puree and vanilla extract mix. Underlining all of those notes, there’s a faint bakery note, so you do get the pie crust scent as well. Really nice, I’d absolutely recommend it.

The scent throw on one piece of the wax melt is a solid 7. It scented my medium sized kitchen in 15 minutes.

Yankee Candle Key Lime Pie Review

Yankee Candle Key Lime Pie is back again as a favorite or a Treasure. I love a good lime scent so I always snag this one if I find it, even though the pie aspect of this is not there.

Official scent notes in Yankee Candle Key Lime Pie are: lime with hints of sugary cream.

This smells like key lime pie filling. There’s no bakery note, no crust note. Just the sugared lime and meringue smell. The lime note is awesome in this and there’s just enough sugar, not too much. I do think it could be called something else since there’s no bakery note, but the name aside, it’s a great lime and sugar scent.

Lots of people are comparing this to Yankee’s Vanilla Lime but I don’t think they’re comparable at all. I can hardly get any lime in that, while in Key Lime Pie the lime note is the star.

I like this scent as is, but if you want the actual pie scent, you’ll need to layer it with Yankee Candle Shortbread Cookie, Village Candle Lemon Poundcake or Yankee Candle Lemon Chiffon.

The scent throw was a medium 6 on this. It won’t fill up a large room but if you’ll pair it with another candle to get the pie crust note, it will work just fine.

Goose Creek Candle Creamy Pumpkin Pie Review

The new pumpkin scent from Goose Creek Candles is Creamy Pumpkin Pie. I’ve tried last year’s Goose Creek Pumpkin Pie and was really curious if they made any changes to the scent.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Creamy Pumpkin Pie are: clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, pie crust, creamy vanilla and brown sugar.

Burning Creamy Pumpkin Pie, I get loads of fall spices. It’s a very spicy fragrance and the spices really dominate anything that might be going on underneath. I do get the brown sugar and vanilla when my nose gets used to the spice a bit, but it’s mostly a sweetened autumn spice mix. I don’t get a crust note or a pumpkin note, you’ll have to find those elsewhere and layer this baby if you want the “pie” scent.

Compared to last year’s version this is spicier and simpler. It’s a very autumnal scent, I don’t think the name fits but the name aside, I’d like to have it on hand for fragrance layering since I feel you just throw a piece of a wax melt of Creamy Pumpkin Pie in with any basic apple, wood, berry or pumpkin scent and you get a complex, spicy, autumnal blend.

This is very strong and at least an 8 in scent throw.
Both the old and the new versions are still available and on sale right now at their website.