Yankee Candle Market Blossoms review

Best Mother’s Day scented candles List

When it comes to Mother’s Day and scented candles, my picks are normally Yankee Candles in the smallest jars and wax melts and I just pick up a bunch of them and make up a basket that includes those and I just add some flowers and chocolates.


My Mum likes home fragrance, she uses it semi-regularly and does use candles in her décor. Fragrance wise she mostly sticks to Yankee Candle and I believe that it’s a company that has so much recognition that they’re a sure bet as gifts.

When picking up candles for Mother’s Day I keep in mind her favorite scents in general, the color scheme of her house décor and at least one new scent I’d like her to try.
In case a scent she loves got discontinued I find a dupe or something close enough from a different company but usually, she doesn’t have an issue letting go of a fragrance and trying out some new stuff as long as it’s not too far out of her comfort zone.

I also do a basket for my mother in law and my grandmother. I don’t know my MIL’s fragrance preferences as well as I know my Mum’s and she doesn’t melt wax or burn candles regularly so for her, I usually just do a medium jar in a classic scent. She’s OK with florals and I’ve gotten her Fresh Cut Roses and Summer’s Wish in the past but I’ll go with Market Blossoms this year.

My grandmother will try anything and she gets sick of one scent fast but she also doesn’t do melts, so I tend to stick with the layered candles from Woodwick for her. They look cool, the wooden wick is always a hit with all her friends and there are different scents packed in one candle.

6 Best Mother’s Day scented candles this year

  1. Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade
  2. Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom
  3. Yankee Candle Line Dried Cotton
  4. Yankee Candle Flowers in the Sun
  5. Yankee Candle Honey Blossom
  6. Goose Creek Candle Superfuit Acai

Goose Creek Candle Superfuit Acai Review

Goose Creek Candle Superfuit Acai came out in Spring but I’ve been waiting until now to actually burn it with some other Acai scented candles just so I can have some fun with comparing the various takes on this note.
Acai berry note is quite a new one in scented candles and this year I feel like all the major companies have included it in their new fragrances.

Acai berry smells like a tropical dark berry with a grape undertone. If you think of berries in terms of scents, we often talk about “red berry” scents that include strawberry and raspberry notes, then we talk about “blue berry” scents that include blueberry and black currant and cassis notes and then there are the “purple berry” scents that are mostly various grape notes. Acai berry falls somewhere between a blue and purple berry scent note with a tropical twist to it.

Goose Creek Candle Superfuit Acai should smell like Acai berry and pink grapefruit, pamplemousse and orange, bois de rose, jasmine and black currant bud, vetiver, musk, vanilla and amber.

As most of Goose Creek scents, this seems super complex on paper. Burning it, it’s a bit simpler. I definitely get the the acai berry note which is basically represented by a mix of blueberry, grape and jasmine notes and the citrus mix with a dominating grapefruit note. As for the base notes go, I don’t get the rosewood or vetiver but I do get nice, sweetening vanilla and amber mix with some overlaying white musk.

Yankee Candle Honey Blossom scented candle Review

I’ve had the same medium jar of Yankee Candle Honey Blossom for over a year. It’s not a scent I burn a lot because pure florals are not my favorite type of scent. I usually prefer a mix of fresh notes with light florals or fruit and florals. Yankee Candle Honey Blossom is none of those. It’s a pure floral scent that is super sweet and nice to burn in spring.

The notes in Yankee Candle Black Cherry are: honey, freesia, musk, flower nectar and woods

I get a lot of freesia and honey, which is sweet and somehow thicker than sugar. I also get a tiny bit of musk but I can’t really smell any woods. It’s not intense but you can definitely smell it.

The medium jar version of Yankee Candle Honey Blossom scented candle burns clean and even in my luminary, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is strong.

I burn Yankee Candle Honey Blossom scented candle it in the large living room mostly during spring weekends and guests always comment on how nice it is. I’ve had it in the bathroom once but found the throw way to strong for the smaller room.

Yankee Candle Flowers in The Sun scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Flowers in the Sun is another fragrance that I’ve melted this past week to get some floral, summery vibes in the house since the outside is still pretty dreadful.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Flowers in The Sun are bright scent of sweet blossoms.

This smells like a woman’s floral perfume. That is not something I look for in a home fragrance, so it wasn’t a win for me. I like my candles and wax to smell like home fragrance and perfumes to smell like perfume. That being said, it’s a nice scent (I just wouldn’t put it in a candle). I get a floral mix I can’t really pull apart to get specific notes and a fruity undertone, like sweet pineapple and citrus. It has a slight powdery note as well.

The scent throw on a third of the tart was an 8 and it scented my large living room in 15 minutes.

This would work with either citrus fragrances to freshen it up or even the classic summer scents that tend to smell like fruity drinks to amp up the complexity. But it stands well on its own if you don’t mind the perfume feeling.

Yankee Candle Line Dried Cotton scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Line Dried Cotton is a part of a Spring collection. Yankee does laundry scents quite well and puts one in most collections. This one is more fresh floral than laundry for me. There’s still the cotton note but it’s in the background, keeping the overall scent fresh and not too feminine.

I’m a huge fan of sun-dried linens, I’ll wash my sundry my bed linens even when they don’t need washing at all just for the luxury of falling into a freshly made sun scented bed at the end of the day. And while I don’t think that Yankee Candle Line Dried Cotton smells like much like say their Clean Cotton fragrance, it does give me the washed, clean and warm feeling I want from this type of fragrance.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Line Dried Cotton are clean laundered fragrance, dew, floral.

I smell a sweet floral note, like light honeysuckle. Under that, there’s a nice lemony citrus note and then the cotton note. Together it’s a lot like a floral fabric softener scent, reminding you of laundry detergent but staying fresh and floral.

The scent throw on a third of the tart was an 8 and it scented my living room in 20 minutes.

I’d burn this pretty much anytime I want a “clean house” smell, it’s great for a bathroom and I’ll be getting a few more tarts to keep around for spring and summer parties.

Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom Review

Yankee Candle has made a cherry blossom scent before but this one is new.

Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom is a part of the Pure Essence collection and therefore it has a more spa rather than a floral vibe. It leans toward a floral scented body lotion.

Cherry blossom scent is soft, powdery, and slightly tangy with a fruity undertone. That’s pretty much what you get from the candle, with the addition of a creamy, clean note that reminds me of body care. It’s a bit soapy and overall very clean smelling.

Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom is not a strong candle. I’d say it’s light to medium, you can easily burn a large jar in a medium sized room and it will not build up intensity too much.

If you want a strong floral, this is not going to do it for you. Try Yankee’s Pink Peony instead.

Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade scented candle Review

Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade is currently only available in large jars because it has been brought back as a treasure but I had a wax tart that a friend brought me from the US a while ago. Actually, I still have two-thirds of the tart because after melting one third I decided it’s not a scent for me and I stored the rest of the tart.

I first melted Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade when I was pregnant with my second child and from experience, I knew that my sense of smell is totally out of whack while pregnant. So just because I disliked it then, I thought it might turn out I really like it when my hormones calm down and my nose returns to its version of normal. I pulled the mangled tart out this evening and melted another third.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade are cherry, lemon.

Melting Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade I get so.much.sugar. This is so sweet I feel like I need to brush my teeth just smelling it. It’s like melted cherry candy with some sweet lemon candy thrown in. It reminds me of the concentrated fruit syrup or just plain melted cherry lemon candy.

I’ve heard it smells like the cherry 7UP drink but I’ve never had that so I can’t say.

It is very similar to Yankee Candle Fruit Fusion but that one has more lemon and it also has orange while Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade only has cherry and lemon notes. And sugar. Lots.

My one-third of a tart of Yankee Candle Cherry Lemonade scented my whole kitchen n about 10 minutes and it was so strong I had to open a window after 20 minutes. From what I hear, the candle is also super strong.