Best Lavender scented candles List

Lavender is not my favorite scent note at all. I’m super fussy with my lavender scents, I dislike straight up lavender and I dislike most “night” fragrances that tend to have lavender, becasue I don’t enjoy heavy lavender based blends.

best lavender scented candles list 2017

Lavender I don’t mind as much needs to have sweetness added, be it from either honey, fruit of vanilla, so it doesn’t smell dry and overly herbal. I like the sweetened and fresh lavender, it has to be fresh and on the green side as opposed to dry, herbal, moth ball-y versions.


Layering scents, I like green tea and lavender mixtures or jasmine tea and lavender. I recently enjoyed a Yankee Candle Chamomile Tea and Country Candle Country Lavender mixture.

best lavender scented candles list

Country Candle Country Lavender is my favorite pure lavender candle and while I don’t care for it alone, it works very well for layering.

My favorite complex lavender fragrances are:
Yankee Candle Peach and Lavender
Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender
Yankee Candle Honey Lavender Gelato
Goose Creek Citrus Lavender
Village Candle Rosemary Lavender
Kringle Candle Vanilla Lavender
Country Candle Lamon Lavender

best lavender scented candles

I hope you enjoyed my Best Lavender scented candles List!