Best Fall scented candles review

Best candles lists for a season are always tricky for me because I go through so many different fragrances and while I don’t have a big problem picking out monthly bests, it’s harder to pick them for an entire season. I thought about doing my seasonal best candles lists by a particular room, but the list ended up being way too long.

My final Best Fall scented candles List is actually a collaboration with my two friends who came over for tea and cupcakes today and helped me reduce my list down to true favorites.

The list is a mix based on the following factors; I want the scent to be “Fall”, not just a good scent that can be burned year round. I need it to be very guest friendly because we entertain a lot and I need to have scents that are smooth enough that they’ll be generally pleasing.

Village Candle Indian Summer

Village Candle Indian Summer is basically a revamped version of their Mulled Cider candle.

village-candle-indian summer-limited-edition-2017-review

It has the same clove base that gives the fragrance that earthy, warm foundation but instead of piling on other autumnal spices and the apple notes, they went in with a lighter hand here and the result is a sweet, soft, lightly spiced fruit scent.

The notes listed on the Village Candle Indian Summer candle are pumpkin, persimmon and clove. The clove is definitely there. The “pumpkin” as in pumpkin puree or pumpkin pie, I can’t smell. What I can interpret as the pumpkin note would be the light pumpkin spice mix, but the clove dominates the spices here. The persimmon note…there has been a trend of so-called vanilla persimmons around here this past season and while I don’t find a persimmon to have a wholly distinct smell except a vaguely fruity scent I’s say the vanilla version is sweeter and the scent is a tad more intense. So in the candle, I do get a faint fruit scent that I suppose could be the persimmon but it’s not strong enough a note that would allow me to really pinpoint it.
It says persimmon on the label, so there you go.

Village Candle Indian Summer is a pretty classic fall spice scent, lighter and softer overall than say Mulled Cider but a good one to have if you like to layer fragrances since this will not overpower anything else you’ll burn but it will definitely add a fall vibe to it.

I’d mix this with just about any fruit, most woody candles and all those cookie candles I buy that end up smelling like basic sugar and vanilla and need layering to make them interesting.

Goose Creek Candle Cool Harvest Morning

Goose Creek Candle Cool Harvest Morning is a nice take on a classic apple scent. It’s pretty simple, a lovely apple note layered over a creamy, soft sandalwood base. There’s some musk in here, a touch of smoke and some citrusy bergamot but it’s basically an apple and sandalwood fragrance.

Goose Creek Candle Cool Harvest Morning review

Apple and wood is always a great combination, if you ask for my personal favorite I’d go with cedar or oak instead of sandalwood here but in general terms, sandalwood is a much “warmer” wood notes than the other two. Normally with an apple and oak blend you also get some fall spice thrown in the mix to get that warmth in the fragrance. Since Goose Creek Candle Cool Harvest Morning is spice free, you still get the warm vibe from the sandalwood, but it’s much less obvious.

It’s a bit basic for me, I’d prefer it with more citrus fruit instead of the bergamot which I’m not a big fan of anyway. You can always spice it up (see what I did there?) by adding a pumpkin spice scent and that will give you a more cider type fragrance. Or go with caramel or molases for a deeper fragrance. I always felt that caramel fragrances pair so well with woody base notes.

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Latte

I feel like pumpkin lattes are getting a lot of crap this year. Constant jokes about white girls going nuts over pumpkin lattes…I don’t get it. To be fair, I do live in a pumpkin latte free country, so granted, no one can get crazy over them even if they wanted to. Because yes, there are no Starbucks or Starbucks wannabe coffee shops in the entire country. I think the nearest one is in Vienna (6-hour drive) but I only go to Vienna in December – if you’ve never been…GO! – and overdose on the gingerbread lattes then. So getting a pumpkin latte candle will have to do this year.

Kringle Candle Pumpkin Latte scented candle review fall winter 2015

Image by Kringle Candle

The official notes in Kringle Candle Pumpkin Latte are spicy pumpkin, warm milk, and sweet vanilla.

And yes, this smells like you’d expect, but no coffee note. I mean…isn’t a latte a coffee with loads of milk? So yeah, as a coffee scent fan, I feel a bit let down. But it smells good, you get the pumpkin puree, loads of syrupy sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg and a creamy milky note. It wasn’t what I wanted though, so I melted one chunk of the wax melt with Kringle Candle Espresso Crema and that ended up being too sweet. So I went back to the drawing board and melted it with Village Candle Coffee Bean and that gave me the perfect pumpkin latte scent.

The scent throw on one piece of the wax melt of Kringle Candle Pumpkin Latte is a 7 but it’s not an intense fragrance. It lightly scented most of my kitchen in 15 minutes.

I’d burn this as a morning candle in the fall.

Yankee Candle Maple Walnut

Yankee Candle Maple Walnut is a returning favorite for Fall 2017. I haven’t seen this scent in so long and I grabbed a jar as soon as it popped up on the website. Not being a big maple fan, this is my favorite maple scent from Yankee. Maple syrup is not really a thing around here so I don’t have any memories or great foody experiences that would connect me to the note. So just going by the scent alone, I find it very sweet and thick and heavy.


Comparing Yankee Candle Maple Walnut to Maple Pancakes and Yankee Candle Gingerbread Maple this is still very sweet and quite heavy but the nuttiness of the walnut note fits so well. It smells like caramelised nuts at the fair but instead of that almost burnt caramel, you get the gooey maple.

It’s a really great take on a maple note, it’s less intense than say Goose Creek maple fragrances and much lighter than BBW maple fragrances so I prefer it.

There’s not a whole lot more to say about it since it’s a pretty straight forward scent. For layering, go with any cookie candle, a plain cake candle or go for a strong cedar fragrance for something different.

Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle

Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle is a new scent for Fall 2015. I melted my wax tart this past week and I liked it so much I actually finished the entire wax clam already. With vanilla candles, I find it’s hard to do a really horrible vanilla candle. It’s such a grateful note, that unless you add some burned sugar notes or something crazy, like a weird pine note, you’ll pretty much end up with a good candle. Amazing vanilla candles are quite hard to find though. Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle is one of the amazing ones and if you can get your hands on this and like vanilla, I highly recommend it.

goose creek candles Vanilla-Pumpkin-Waffle best fall autumn scented candles

Image by Goose Creek Candle

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle are: pumpkin, butter, apple, pecans, maple and cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, tonka and musk,

Melting Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Pumpkin Waffle I do get vanilla as a dominant note, even though it’s not the first on the official notes list. It’s a creamy, buttery, vanilla frosting type. Following that, I get the spiced pumpkin, that is really well done, it’s fresh and the spices are soft. Maple and sugar make this a very sweet scent and I also got some nuts and a faint bakery note.

I hear this is similar to the famous, much-loved Pumpkin Pecan Waffles form Bath and Body Works, but this is sweeter, has more vanilla and less emphasis on the nutty note.

Overall, it’s a new take on a fall vanilla candle for me and I actually have it in a large jar as well.  It’s moving from my stash to the living room later today because I’ll be burning it throughout October.

The scent throw on my wax melt chunk was a strong 7. It scented my medium sized office in about 15 minutes. The scent on one piece of the wax tart lasts about 5-6 hours.