Best Fall scented candles from Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles are quickly becoming mainstream and they are now pretty widely available.

With all the changes at Yankee Candle, stores closing, them changing the labels and selling the candles at Target and Walmart, it seems like Goose Creek is ready to fill the spot Yankee had about 6 years ago.

They look like old school Yankees, they don’t have scent throw issues that Yankee is increasingly criticized for and since they fixed their sooting issue they seem to be on the way up.

9 Best Fall scented candles from Goose Creek Candles List and Reviews


  1. Goose Creek Candle Staying Home
  2. Goose Creek Candle White Icing Cinnamon Roll
  3. Goose Creek Candle Salted Caramel Cupcake
  4. Goose Creek Candles Moment In Time
  5. Goose Creek Candles French Toast
  6. Goose Creek Candles Autumn
  7. Goose Creek Candles Autumn in Amsterdam
  8. Goose Creek Candles Brown Butter Pistachio
  9. Goose Creek Candle Auburn Lake

Goose Creek Candle Auburn Lake

In its base Goose Creek Candle Auburn Lake is a pine and citrus scent but it has a lot more going on than just pine and mandarin. I actually get more lemon than mandarin and I do get the bergamot. The pine is sweet and soft due to vanilla and patchouli mix at the base so it’s more woodsy pine than cleaning detergent pine which I far prefer.

Pine and citrus scents can very easily veer into a “pine sol” territory but due to the patchouli and vanilla notes, this is far away from that. It’s actually a very cozy, definitely wintery scent.

You could amp up the “fall” side of this candle by adding a patchouli scent and that would amp up the note enough to overwhelm the pine that dominates now.

This would also go well with sandalwood and amber scent if you feel like you’d want more warmth.

Goose Creek Candles Brown Butter Pistachio

I love nutty scented candles and pistachio candles are far more hard to find than say almond or even walnut. I have an absolutely love Village Candle Lemon Pistachio and that one firmly holds first place in currently mainstream available pistachio scents but Goose Creek Candles Brown Butter Pistachio is not bad either.

Goose Creek Candles Brown Butter Pistachio smells like brown butter, pistachio nuts, Light Cherry Almonds, Marshmallow Fluff, Creamy Coconut, Warm Vanilla.
Burning it, I get loads of buttery brown sugar, a decent amount of toasted pistachios, zero almonds, and a nice, warm vanilla base.

So you could say it smells a whole lot like buttery, pistachio and vanilla cookies. It’s a very nice scent but you need to really like Goose Creek’s version of brown sugar note because it’s quite dominant here. Personally, I find that brown sugar smells like just burned sugar in candles sometimes and that bothers me, but obviously it’s a very personal thing. I’ve had this burning when I had 8 people in the house and none of them felt like it smelled like burned anything, they all enjoyed the scent very much.

Like all cookie scents, this layers best with tea or coffee scented candles, I like to ramp up vanilla notes to sort of mask the brown sugar. It will also work well with a lemon bakery type candle.

Goose Creek Candles Autumn in Amsterdam

I always like scents that are destination themed. Actually, I like anything that is destination themed. With all the extensive traveling I’ve done and I still plan to do I get super excited to see how someone else sees or interprets a destination, be it in color, scent, flavor…I’m a sucker for the theme.

Goose Creek Candles Autumn in Amsterdam smells like Citrus, Apple, Black Currant, Blackberry Woods, Light Spice, and Sandalwood.

Burning Goose Creek Candles Autumn in Amsterdam it’s a very smooth sandalwood and apple scent. If you like woody scents at all, but often find them too masculine and heavy, this is a good one to pick up. The apple has a strong berry undertone so the fruit notes are really bright, the base sandalwood is smooth and creamy and the spice is mostly clove and a bit of cinnamon. You can almost miss the spice, but it’s there just enough to take the scent into fall without being super on the nose “fall spice”.

Goose Creek Candles Autumn scented candle

Goose Creek Candles Autumn is a typical spice and woods scent that just smells like fall and it’s a must burn for October days. Scents like these I keep for late fall evenings on the deck. All I need is a candle like this, a fire pit, a cup of tea and a bunch of summer photos that need sorting and I’m just an absolutely happy person.

Goose Creek Candles Autumn smells like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with some green tea notes over the standard “leaves” note and with a birch wood base.

In terms of spice to wood ratio, it’s more wood than spicy and I would prefer nice warm sandalwood to birch for a base but it’s still a great autumnal fragrance.


Goose Creek Candles French Toast

Goose Creek Candles French Toast is a super strong scented candle with a fragrance that is a take on a classic fall maple syrup scent.

Goose Creek Candles do a lot of maple-based fall scents. Their maple note comes in a few varieties but is pretty much consistently super strong, sweet and on the heavy side. If you enjoy maple syrup scents, I’d say definitely give Goose Creek a try since I think they have the best selection.

Goose Creek Candles French Toast smells like maple syrup, butter, and nutty vanilla caramel. This is a VERY sweet fragrance. The mix of maple syrup and caramelized nuts is just stacked sweetness and gooeyness and when adding the butter to this it just adds to the overall richness.

Does it smell like french toast? It smells better in my opinion. Where actual french toast has that fried scent that I personally can’t stand in a scented candle (or my house to be honest, whenever I have to fry anything at all I will air out every inch of the kitchen) Goose Creek Candles French Toast smells like roasted nuts instead. So less fried, more roasted in terms of the “cooking” note but the rest of the scents here are pretty much spot on.

Goose Creek Candles Moment In Time

Goose Creek Candles Moment In Time is a surprise favorite from the Fall selection of Goose Creek scented candles.

I don’t normally go for patchouli scents but it’s something about this particular blend and the fact that the patchouli note is very green and as fresh as patchouli can get, that just makes me love this fragrance. It manages to be very autumnal without going for the obvious fall scent notes like fall spice, leaves and apples and I’m so impressed at how they managed to get the autumnal feel without any of those notes.

Goose Creek Candles Moment In Time smells like a patchouli and sandalwood mix at the base. As I mentioned, the patchouli is light and green and the sandalwood is soft and warm and they balance each other well. The notes as they are would clash but they’re blended together well by dark, peppery amber that just makes everything scream autumn. The three notes dominate the fragrance and saving it from getting too dark and intense there are some berry and citrus notes that add just the right level of natural freshness without making the overall fragrance smell like fruit.

This is a super strong scent, the throw on this is an easy 9, so this baby easily scented an entire floor of my house.

Goose Creek Candle Salted Caramel Cupcake

If you have any previous experience with caramel scents from Goose Creek, you’ll know they make them intense. This is not your Yankee Candle caramel based candle. This is full on, thick, gooey, heavy caramel.

Goose Creek Candle Salted Caramel Cupcake is a very strong thrower, easily a 9 in scent throw so you’ll only need the one jar for a large room or two.

The scents itself is almost a straight-up salted caramel. The salted caramel note is so strong it drowns out the other stuff that might have been added, such as vanilla and cake notes. But the fact that those notes have been added saves the overall fragrance from being a generic sickly sweet caramel scent and makes it a very nice, smooth, interesting candle.

Goose Creek Candle White Icing Cinnamon Roll

Goose Creek Candle White Icing Cinnamon Roll should smell like Sweet Cinnamon Sugar, Marshmallow Vanilla Icing and Doughy Cinnamon Roll.

Burning Goose Creek Candle White Icing Cinnamon Roll candle I get cinnamon and sweet marshmallow vanilla icing.

It’s a very sweet scent, there are loads more icing than cinnamon. I don’t really get the bakery note but the cinnamon is definitely the buttery, bakery version, not the red hot version.

If you like typical vanilla marshmallow scents but want a fall twist to it, this is the candle for you. It’s nothing groundbreaking but a good basic scent. You can pretty much burn this year round I think, mix it with fruit scents or other cookie scents to make it a bit more interesting.

Goose Creek Candle Staying Home

Goose Creek Candle Staying Home should smell like Sweet Warm Amber, Fresh Bergamot, Mandarin, Light Warm Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cashmere.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Staying Home candle, this is a very complex scent that is so well blended it’s honestly pretty hard to focus on individual notes. Overall, it’s a super warm, cozy scent. The base is the strongest and it’s a mix of smooth sandalwood and sweet vanilla patchouli. The patchouli is earthy and works pretty well with the warm, woody sandalwood. Layered over the warm, earthy, woody base is loads of amber, making the scent even warmer. The middle notes are a vague citrusy mix of bergamot and mandarin orange but you sort of need to know to look for them.

It’s a warm, cozy, woody, earthy scent that can be a bit heavy. I like a lot of citrus or bright white floral notes in my amber woody scents to sort of combat the heaviness and there’s barely any citrus here.