best top easter 2017 scented candles list review

Best Easter scented candles list

For this 2019 Easter holidays, my family will be hosting a big all day picnic get-together type thing and a brunch thing. Both will have about 30 people invited that will be moving in and out of the house a lot so I can really scent up the place.

best easter 2019 scented candles list review

As far as scent theme goes, I’ll do the classic “dessert and chocolate” theme and throw in some bright florals for the bathrooms since I absolutely can’t do any foody scents for those.
I have a bunch of candles from last year’s Easter left and I’ll be pulling those out for the kitchen and living room. Our deck will be the main area where people will hang out and where most of the food will be, so I’ll do a large centerpiece there with about 5 candles for the main table and then a couple at the entrance to the house where some side tables are placed.

best easter 2017 scented candles list review

Traditional Easter Candles

Traditionally candles are used during the celebration of Easter holiday as a part of the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Easter festivities. Normally though those are plain white taper candles in candlesticks.

There’s also a flood of easter egg candles in all major stores during the season. I like them for use in centerpieces but I tend to use them with holders when I actually burn them. Because of the shape, the dripping wax can get pretty messy so keep that in mind. They are cute though.

The best 9 Easter scented candles

Yankee Candle Happy Spring, which is a repackage of Loves me, loves me not and a nice, light, clean floral that will do well in the guest bathrooms and the label and wax color work with the theme.

Then for the main table, I’ll go with a mix of:

  1. Goose Creek Candle White Chocolate Buttercream,
  2. Yankee Candle Peeps,
  3. Yankee Candle Macaroon Treats,
  4. Goose Creek Banana Pudding,
  5. Goose Creek Lemon Vanilla Cake Batter,
  6. Goose Creek Cookie Dough Bites,
  7. Village Candle French Macaroon,

The wax colors and labels on those will work great since it’s all pastels and pretty, happy colors.

And for the kitchen and living room I’ll pull out :

  1. Yankee Candle Bunny Cake
  2. Goose Creek Candle Rainbow Sugar

best top easter 2017 scented candles list review

Goose Creek candle Banana Pudding Review

Goose Creek candle Banana Pudding smells pretty much as described. It smells like a creamy vanilla pie filling or vanilla pudding and banana syrup. It’s a sweet, dessert scent, no bakery note and the vanilla in here is kind of generic. Think the instant vanilla pudding rather than the fancy gourmet stuff. But the banana note definitely saves it from being boring or cheap smelling. It’s sweet, syrupy banana and since there really isn’t a lot of good banana scents out there I really appreciate this fragrance.
The throw is a decent 7, it will do well in a medium-sized room.

Since this is a dessert banana and vanilla scent, it will go with just about anything pie scented. It also goes well with all things chocolate scented. I even threw an old piece of a pumpkin pie scented tart and it worked well. If you like banana scents, pick this up and then play around with all the different mixes. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking it will also go over well with all the summery fruit drink type scents that are coming out.

Goose Creek Candle White Chocolate Buttercream Review

Goose Creek Candle White Chocolate Buttercream should smell like Whipped Buttercream Icing, Chocolate, Warm Vanilla Bean, Sparkling Sugar, Light Caramel.

Burning Goose Creek Candle White Chocolate Buttercream candle I get sweet vanilla buttercream icing and a bit of light caramel. I don’t get any chocolate in this but then again, it’s supposed to be white chocolate and that doesn’t smell like much of anything but milky sugar.

It’s a fairly sweet scent, especially with the underlining caramel note and if I didn’t know the name, I’d say it’s a vanilla caramel buttercream scented candle.

This is a pretty guest friendly scent that doesn’t scream fall season but could be used throughout the year. Yes, the caramel usually makes a scent lean more towards “cold weather” fragrances but since the caramel here is on the light side, I think it could work anytime.

Village Candle French Macaroon Review

Village Candle French Macaroon is a  limited edition candle which is still available online and in stores.

It smells like butter, vanilla, and cream. It’s very rich, very buttery and creamy with loads of bakery vanilla. The coconut is a very nice toasted version and the overall fragrance smells like coconut buttercream frosting.

I don’t get macaroons here at all, mostly because when I hear macaroon I think almonds and that’s not what this is.

So the whole coconut buttercream frosting gets some musk at the end which is an odd choice to me. Since it’s such a foody scent, I don’t really feel like musk fits but it’s fairly light. I’d still prefer the fragrance sans that musk.

Yankee Candle Macaroon Treats Review

Yankee Candle Macaroon Treats was the scent I was most excited about from the European collection.  I treat myself to macaroons every now and then and I’ve baked a few batches as well when I wanted to impress people or just putter in the kitchen and play with pretty colors. To me, macaroons are more of a visual treat than a gourmet one. While I appreciate the taste well enough I actually appreciate the overall look and the time and effort it takes to make them even more.

Yankee Candle Macaroon Treats smells like vanilla and almond cookie, which sounds about right. There’s not too much sugar in this, although it is a sweet scent but it’s not sugar cookie, it’s a proper almond cookie with loads of vanilla extract mixed in.

I like this a lot and mixed it with Village candle Lemon Pistachio for a really good, nutty cookie smell.

Goose Creek Candle Rainbow Sugar Review

The scent notes on Goose Creek Candle Rainbow Sugar are Frozen Strawberries, Iced Lemon, Juicy Raspberry, Pink Pomelo, Spun Sugar and Vanilla.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Rainbow Sugar candle, it smells like super sweet marshmallow with a  candy raspberry note.  It’s basically raspberry flavored cotton candy. This is super sweet and there’s loads of the fake raspberry in it. If you like cotton candy scents, you’ll love this, it’s very well done. Personally, I can’t deal with all the sugar in it, it gave me a headache because in addition to being super sweet it’s also crazy strong. Like…this will scent a whole house strong.