Best Christmas Tree scented candles list

This is my Best Christmas Tree scented candles list.

When I was pregnant with my first child I couldn’t deal with any fragrance at all. Anything but clean air had me hugging the toilet like it was a long lost friend. And because I was pregnant through Christmas, we got a fake tree. Then with the little one that got some siblings very soon and all the hand-to-mouth action they tend to do, we just agreed that the plastic tree was here to stay.


To compensate, I went hunting for Christmas tree scented candles but I had problems finding something I liked. Generic pine scented things make me gag, pregnant or not. Good straight up pine or balsam scents are way too intense for me or my family and we just can’t deal with a full on strong scent of pine. For that “Christmas tree” scent, I needed something true to life but faint, something that would just linger in the background and also not fight with all my Holiday baking scents.

I ended up looking into more complex blends, mostly fragrances that had either some peppermint mixed in or some apple. I find that those two notes mellow out pine and balsam notes the best and making them more “food friendly”.

I did put some candles on the list that have a pure-ish sweetened balsam note but are light enough that I can burn them alone and they don’t overwhelm the room.


These are some really good smoky pine candles out there and some great cedar and pine mixes that my brother burns every year but they are just too intense for my family.

My Best Christmas Tree scented candles list:

Yankee Candle Holiday Garland
Yankee Candle Mistletoe

Yankee Candle Apple and Pine Needle

Kringle Candle Christmas

Village Candle Christmas Morning

Village Candle Apples and Evergreen

Goose Creek Candle Show Covered Bridge

Goose Creek Candle Christmas Tree Farm

 My favorite mixes for pine and balsam scents are sweet peppermint, sweet apple, spiced orange. Laundry scents work well, and as far as foody notes go, you can’t really go wrong with any of the “festive drink” type scents or more specifically, anything citrus, cranberry or berry in general will work fine.

For the Christmas Holiday season 2017 there have been some new candles that I’ve really enjoyed so I’m adding them to the list:

Village Candle Christmas Tree

I hope you enjoyed my Best Christmas Tree scented candles list and I’ll talk to you soon!