Best Chocolate Scented Candles


10 Best Chocolate Scented Candles

  1. Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies
  2. Village Candle Brownie Delight
  3. Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate
  4. Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle
  5. Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake
  6. Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Hot Chocolate
  7. Yankee Candle White Chocolate
  8. Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa
  9. Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream
  10. Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple


Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple

Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple has been a retired scent but is now back as a treasure, so we can get it in large jars.

I’ve always thought that Yankee Candle does vanilla scents very well. They actually have a variety of them instead of just one vanilla note that gets mixed into everything. Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple is no exception, it’s basically a vanilla fragrance but it has a really good twist and you get the intense rich vanilla that they somehow managed to make cool, like ice-cream and not warm and overly sweet like vanillas usually are.

The official notes in Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple are sugary frosted vanilla cream, chocolate fudge, and cocoa.

Burning Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple, I smell the cold rich vanilla ice cream that is very true to life to fancy artisan type vanilla ice creams. Swimming in that, I also get caramel syrup and some chocolate. I don’t get cocoa specifically, which is good in my opinion since I find that cocoa smells a bit bitter.

A lot of my family members have birthdays in the summer and this is the candle I’d burn for summer birthdays. It’s definitely a dessert but doesn’t get heavy or intense like some cake scents can get if you burn them when temperatures are high.

Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple burned uneven which I blame on my a/c because I placed the candle too close. I had to cut out some wax and after I foiled and moved it, it burned fine.

The scent throw was a strong 6, I could smell it around the table area in my kitchen/dining room after about an hour. I got a good wax pool after about three hours of burning.

Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream

Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream is one of the few 2019 BBW candles I bought. I mostly got it because my sister in law was raving about hers and she said it would be a perfect candle to mix and layer with other foody holiday fragrances.

Before I get into the scent, I should say that this is not a good layering candle. This thing is so strong, it will overpower just about anything. I live in a really big, really old house with super high ceilings and one measly candle managed to fully scent the entire house. I first had it in my kitchen and I had to open the windows after 20 minutes of burning because the scent was so intense. I moved it to the main hall, where it managed to scent the whole house. So if you love super strong candles and you like chocolate, get a bunch of these.

My plan for this candle is to actually break it down into wax tarts and then melt the tarts with other scents to get some layering going and tone down the intensity since super strong fragrances aren’t my thing.

Burning Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream I smell instant hot cocoa powder. That’s about it. It’s quite a basic scent, that’s why I’d love to layer it and build it into different directions. It doesn’t go into the dreaded generic cocoa scent that just makes you nauseated. It stays true to the instant cocoa drink mix, but before you add the milk. I don’t get any milk notes and while it’s not a particularly dry scent I don’t get any added creaminess in this either. There is the powdery undertone that makes me think of the instant powder rather than the finished drink.

People keep comparing this to Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake because that one is a very strong chocolate scent as well but I think that’s where the similarities end. Chocolate Layer Cake is richer, heavier and much sweeter overall and the chocolate note is much more chocolate than cocoa.

Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa

Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa is back for the Holiday season. I’ve said before that all noses are different and while there’s a growing number of people in the USA that are commenting on their new Yankee Candles having little to no scent, I have yet to encounter a piece of wax from Yankee Candle that I can’t smell. I also have a large family that always comments on my home fragrance, so I know they are able to smell it as well. But I can absolutely differentiate between a strong candle and a light candle and Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa is on the light side.

Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa smells like a hot cocoa drink. You get the frothy, watered down cocoa smell and a little tiny bit of nutmeg. It’s not a hot chocolate scent, so don’t be disappointed about it being light. The difference between the scent of hot chocolate and hot cocoa is reflected in this candle as well. It’s much less chocolate-y, less intense and more drink-like, meaning a lot more diluted or watery. The spiced part…I mean the spice is there, but it’s faint.

The throw is fine, I could smell it all over my medium sized kitchen, it’s just a light, noninvasive fragrance.

If you want a spice and chocolate scent that will really fill up a room and be intense, you’ll need to mix your own. Full on chocolate, you get from Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake. For spice, I’d go with the simple Yankee Cinnamon Stick, since you need something strong enough to hold its own next to Chocolate Layer Cake. You could also go with Sugar and Spice or Kitchen Spice for a bit more complex result.

Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Hot Chocolate

I like hot chocolate scents for late Fall because they are great for layering with bakery scents I bring out at that time. So when I’m done with a bakery, cake or pie scent and I’m in the mood for something different but the bakery scent still lingers in my home, I go with a “beverage” scent. I tend to go for tea or coffee scents in the mornings and hot chocolate or “Starbucks” type smells in the afternoon and evenings. They work well if I have more than one scent going at the same time, as they layer well with anything cake, vanilla, sugar, and spice.

The official scent notes in Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Hot Chocolate are: whipped vanilla froth, hot chocolate, creamy cocoa, powder sugar, and warm milk

Nothing about this is groundbreaking but it’s such a pleasing, sweet, easygoing foody scent. You get the frothy, milky vanilla, sugar and the scent of instant cocoa. It’s not chocolate as such, more of a hot cocoa with loads of milk and vanilla. It’s a light scent, meaning that it won’t stuff your house with the smell of chocolate but just lightly fragrance it, like you made your cup and it’s sitting on the counter, slowly cooling down.

It’s lovely and even though it’s not in your face, my guests noticed it and commented on it every single time I had it burning.

If you picked up and of the foody scents from Goose Creek’s Fall collection, this is a great one to layer with all of them. If you have an old bakery scent lingering away in your stash and you’re sick of smelling it, mix it up with Vanilla Hot Chocolate and give it a new twist.

Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake

Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake has been available since 2014 and you can still get it everywhere. Except for Europe. I have no idea what the deal is, but my store got 3 jars total one time and then it was gone for good. I’ve never even seen a single jar in the UK stores.

It’s one of those scents I can only take in small doses, a couple of hours here and there. It’s very intense, very rich. People say it’s like having brownies baking in the oven, but for me, it’s more like swimming in brownie batter, it’s that intense.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake are: rich, fudgy cake, cocoa, chocolate mousse frosting.

Burning this, it’s chocolate all the way. Well…chocolate and butter. But it’s not the dark chocolate I associate with brownies or chocolate cake, but more like milk chocolate and butter. The thing about milk chocolate is that it’s sweeter than the dark one, so this is full of sugar and cocoa. It’s not diluted at all.

Again, I don’t get any bakery note and that’s why this falls short for me. It’s also so intense that I can’t mix it with anything, because that will lead to an instant headache.

The scent throw was a 9. It scented a whole floor in an hour.

I’d burn this in January and February, mostly around tea time. I mostly do laundry and fresh type scents in January and February so when I get a craving for sugar, this will do it.

Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle

Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle is back as a Treasure and even though I’m not big on chocolate scents I picked it up because it fit with my Easter scent theme and décor.

The official scent notes in Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle scented candle are: rich chocolate.

It smells like milk chocolate. I wouldn’t say it’s a rich smell. More like a cocoa drink without the milk note or maybe milk chocolate mousse. It’s more in the diluted, drink territory than rich, brownie territory.

Compared to Yankee’s Chocolate Layer Cake this is less rich and has no bakery note to it.

I’m not massively impressed, I don’t really like the chocolate drink scents, they tend to make me queasy after an hour or so. I mixed it with a pure coffee scent – Kringle  Candle’s Espresso Crema – and that worked well for me, it gave it a more coffee house vibe. And since I was basically there anyway, I threw the rest of my Yankee Candle Tarte Tatin wax in the warmer and got the full café and bakery experience.

While I don’t love this alone, it would mix well with so many things; coffee, apple pie, vanilla cookie, white cake, mint, hazelnut, basic vanilla…if you like milk chocolate scents this might be good to just keep in the stash and fire it up when you get bored with any of the scents I just listed to change things up a bit.

The throw on Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle was a strong 7, it will fill a medium to large room.

Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate

We drink a lot of hot chocolate during winter. And hot cocoa, and chai lattes and pretty much anything that’s hot and sweet since the winters can be pretty brutal and nothing warms cold hands better than a hot mug of yumminess.

The official scent notes in Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate are Whipped Cream, Cocoa Powder, Hot Milk, Vanilla Bean, Warm Chocolate, White Sugar.

Melting one piece of Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate wax melt, it smells like hot cocoa. This is a proper hot cocoa scent, if you were skimping on the cocoa bit. It’s a pretty diluted fragrance, very much a drink as opposed to a chocolate bar or a brownie. It’s not hot chocolate at all and I think it’s far less rich than Yankee Candle’s Chocolate Layer Cake, which I’ve heard said is a dupe. I don’t think they’re dupes, the cocoa notes are practically the same in both but while Yankee’s Chocolate Layer Cake is very rich and thick, this is milkier and more diluted.

The scent throw on one piece of the wax melt of Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate is a strong 7, it will scent a medium sized room in 15 minutes.

I’d burn this during winter days but I’d mix it with cinnamon and/or vanilla scent to make it more interesting and less watery.

I can’t find Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate anymore but it is available in their Country Candle line for the winter holiday season.

Village Candle Brownie Delight

I’ve just melted a Village Candle Brownie Delight votive and the scent was so different from my Village Candle Brownie Delight candle I burned last year that it kind of stumped me. I debated going back to my original candle review and editing it, but that wouldn’t be fair since I stand by that scent review. However, this votive in the same scent was so different that I feel I should really do a review – if for no other reason than to show inconsistency in this fragrance that I’ve experienced.

I have a brand new Village Candle Brownie Delight votive, the plastic wasn’t torn off or anything. Even though the plastic wrapper, it smelled funky to me but I figured it was stored with other scents so I was smelling that mix.

I did my standard votive thing – I cut it up in 4 pieces and plopped one piece in my wax warmer. Within 15 minutes, the room was swimming in scent and I had to turn off the warmer and open all the windows because it was making me intensely ill.

Unlike my Village Candle Brownie Delight candle, this smelled somewhat like cocoa only when I was inches away from the melter. The scent that traveled though, was of really old, spoiled caramel mixed with old, nasty chocolate. The bakery scent is not there at all, there’s no creamy note, nothing. I have no idea what happened with the fragrance in this, I ordered online, so maybe my votive was stored wrong so it got messed up or maybe it’s super old, but this is a totally different (bad) smell than the one on the candle form.

There’s a type of milk chocolate that we can get around here during the holidays, that is super cheap and shaped like Santa Claus. My kids get these chocolate Santas from various people and I always end up with a bag full of them. The chocolate that these are made of is so bad that I can’t eat it, the kids won’t touch it and I just can’t throw food away so every year I eye the bag for as long as I can and then break down around November and just melt the lot and try to save it by using it in brownies. A few years ago I stuffed the Santas so far down the cupboard that I totally forgot about them and when I dug them up two years later I lost my mind and decided to melt them down and bake something with them. Melting, they smelled exactly like this Village Candle Brownie Delight votive. Spoiled, old and nasty milk chocolate and bad caramel. Ugh.

The throw on my quarter of the votive was super strong, easily a 9.

I have no idea what went wrong here, but this scared me off chocolate scents for a good while I think.

I hope you enjoyed my (second) Village Candle Brownie Delight scented candle Review and I’ll talk to you soon!

Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies

Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies is the best chocolate scent of the Fall candles that I’ve burned.

It smells like the real deal. Burning Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies I get the milk chocolate, the brown sugar, loads of butter and a hint of bakery vanilla.

There’s nothing wrong with this scent. Comparing it to cocoa or rather »hot cocoa« and »hot chocolate« scents, this is thicker, truer to life, richer and does not have the diluted milky note that bothers me in those fragrances.
Comparing Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies to BBW chocolate fragrances, this smells like you used the good milk chocolate while in BBW candles, I always feel like their chocolate note smells like the super cheap, just about out of date chocolate that has been rolling around a local Dollar Tree store for a season too many.

Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies is really yummy, not too sweet and you definitely know you’re smelling brownies which is all I wanted from this candle.