Best Cheap Scented Candles

When you look for best cheap scented candles online you usually come across various lists that only have expensive candles on.


Since I’ve been burning scented candles for nearly 20 years now I can confidently say that there are some good cheap candles out there.

Now I know that the term “cheap” can be relative. If you are looking at say Jo Malone candles as your starting point then stuff like Goose Creek Candle or Village Candle will seem cheap.I’m going to go for cheaper scented candles in this article though. The price range I have in mind is somewhere between 3 and 10 USD. 

4 Best cheap scented candles in 2019:

Ikea cheap scented candles

Best cheap scented candle selection I found is at Ikea. Ikea scented candles are some of the best cheap scented candles I’ve burned. They have a huge variety when it comes to candle holders, number of wicks, scents, and sizes. They also come out with seasonal fragrances so you don’t miss out on anything if you stick to them alone.

A couple of years ago I inherited a small house that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it was in a really bad state. I didn’t quite know what to do with it at first and it took me almost a year to decide that I want to try and fix it up first and then see how I feel about it – if I’ll just put it on the market to sell or try to rent it out or something else.

The location is remote and sleepy enough that my kids have zero interest in it so it looks like I’ll be going the rent/sell route. It’s now at the stage when all the construction stuff is done and I can get into the basic furniture and decorating. Since the market is not exactly ideal for house selling I figured I’d just do basic furniture and start by renting it out. Cue a trip to Ikea. And since I was there and they had their new scented candles out, I just threw the new stuff in the cart as well. I’ll probably just set them up at the house because I do think that candles work great for basic, clean decorating.

Ikea Sinnlig scented candle is probably the most known of all Ikea Scented candles. They brought out new scents for Sinnlig for Summer 2019 and added a new, smaller Smatrevlig scented candle that has a summer scent as well.

The 9 new Sinnlig and Smatrevlig scents for summer 2019 are:

  1. Smatrevlig Vanilla and Sea Salt
  2. Ikea Sinnlig Pineapple
  3. Ikea Sinnlig Vanilla Ice Cream
  4. Ikea Sinnlig Fig and Wood
  5. Ikea Sinnlig Red Berries
  6. Ikea Sinnlig Peaches and Oranges
  7. Ikea Sinnlig Blackberries and Mint
  8. Ikea Sinnlig Green apple and Pear
  9. Ikea Sinnlig Hazelnut

Walmart cheap scented candles

Walmart is a great place to shop for cheap scented candles. There’s a huge selection of both wax and candles.

You have the Mainstays candles and the Better Homes and Gardens. Both are pretty decent. And of course you can now get Yankees at Walmart as well and with coupons and deals, you can get a very good price on them.

My favorites from Walmart are the wax cubes though.  You get a lot of scent for the money with these. The ScentSationals are great value for money and they do an amazing range of scents. They also do seasonal releases and collections so you can have loads of fun and play with scent layering for super cheap.

ScentSationals has sneaked peaked their Limited Edition Fall 2019 collection out and in addtion to their classic wax cubes they’ll also release three limited edition Duo Wax Cubes, that include two scents that you can either melt together or individually.

ScentSationals Baked With Love that includes ScentSationals Pumpkin Sugar Cookies and ScentSationals Cinnamon Pumpkin. This smells like pumpkin, bakery note, and cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s like spiced pumpkin pie with a good amount of crust.

ScentSationals Coffee Cafe that includes ScentSationals Spiced Sugar Cookie and ScentSationals Mocha Frappe Latte. This smells like coffee, chocolate and a little bit of cookies. The coffee note is on the latte side rather than espresso so if you want a strong coffee scent you’ll have to keep looking or just melt a strong coffee tart with it, like the new Village Candle Coffee Bean.

ScentSationals Blackberry Cashmere that includes ScentSationals Blackberry Cider and ScentSationals Cashmere Vanilla. This smells like blackberry merlot and vanilla, patchouli, amber, soft cologne, caramel.

They also released another new wax duo but this one is not limited edition:

ScentSationals Mystical Woodland that includes ScentSationals Ebony Woods and ScentSationals White Sandalwood. This smells heavy and kind of perfumey. It’s very intense and quite masculine.

I’d like to give the first two a try. I hear the Blackberry Cashmere smells a bit like wine which is definitely not something I’d buy and the Mystical Woodland sounds too masculine for my taste but people are saying great things about this one.

Aldi and Lidl cheap scented candles

I was picking up some random odds and ends at Lidl today and I saw they had a deal on their scented candles in glass jars. They had a fully stocked Voyage Collection out (I was super early). I’ve seen this collection before, but it’s usually picked over with the cardboard packaging messed up, but it was pristine now, and for 1 EUR per candle, I went all out and treated myself to all 4 candles in the collection. Plus, they smelled nice on cold.

I think they’re by Melinera since all the Lidl candles so far have been, but it doesn’t say on the packaging.

The 4 candles in the Voyage Collection are:

  1. Lidl Africa Tansania scented candle, that officially smells like African teak and vanilla.
  2. Lidl Japan Tokyo scented candle, that officially smells like cherry blossom.
  3. Lidl Hawaii Honolulu scented candle, that officially smells like Hawaiian ginger.
  4. Lidl Caribbean Curacao scented candle, that officially smells like hibiscus and citrus fruits.

They come in a glass with no lids, there’s a full jar image on each candle and the wax is colored.

The Africa candle is a surprise favorite on cold, it smells like musky vanilla bean. I’ll probably burn these tomorrow night because I’m having a friend over for dinner and she’s just come back from 2 months traveling through Japan, so the whole “voyage” theme will fit well.

Aldi is sort of infamous for duping Jo Malone candles. They also do seasonal scents.

I found new spring candles at Aldi today and I’m pleasantly surprised by the scents and the quality overall. They come in a glass jar with a lid and are very close dupes to the Jo Malone scents.

Jo Malone candles are stronger but way out of my budget so if you want fragrance in the same vein but less intense, stock up on these Aldi candles, because when burning, they really do smell very very similar to the Jo Malone ones.

The Aldi spring 2019 scented candle collection includes:

Aldi Lime, Basil & Mandarin Glass Candle
Aldi Freesia & Pear Glass Candle
Aldi Pomegranate Noir Glass Candle

Glade cheap scented candles

I’m not a big fan of Glade fragrances. My Mum says it’s due to me being a huge fragrance snob and not giving supermarket and drugstore fragrances a fair chance just because I know where I got them from. That may be but I do honestly get most of the Limited Edition Glade and Air Wick scents, try them out and end up sending them off to burn at my Mum’s house because they just aren’t my thing.

I got the 4 new Glade Spring 2019 Limited Edition candles when I saw a full display at my local supermarket and they do smell really nice on cold sniff.

The candles I got are:

Glade Scented Candle Be Energetic (white peach & daisies),

Glade Scented Candle Be Ravishing (apple, magnolia & rose),

Glade Scented Candle Be Edgy (coconut water & freesia),

Glade Scented Candle Be Colorful (lemongrass & pear).


Overall cheap candles may not have the intensity or the complexity of high-end candles. But with a bit of strategic positioning and a bit of ragrance layering you can scent you home on a very small budget.