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Here is the the best scented candles list sorted by occasion, scent notes, season, burn location and gift options.

Best candles

Best Cheap Scented Candles

When you look for best cheap scented candles online you usually come across various lists that only have expensive candles on. Since I’ve been burning scented candles for nearly 20 years now I can confidently say that there are some good cheap candles out there. Now I know that the term “cheap” can be relative. […]

best candles for women 2019
Best candles

Best Scented Candles for Women

This is my pick of Best Scented Candles to give as gifts for Women 2019. I love giving Scented Candles as cute and useful gifts. There are a few foolproof scented candles that you can get a small jar of and even if you don’t know the person and their scent preferences well, the Yankee […]

Best candles

Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles

Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles list can be a super easy collection of pink and rose scented candles or we can play around with the idea and see if we get anywhere more interesting. For 2019 there are a couple of lovely new scents out already that will work great as valentines day candles. Yankee […]