Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Best candles

Here is the the best scented candles list sorted by occasion, scent notes, season, burn location and gift options.

best candles for women 2019

Best Scented Candles for Women

This is my pick of Best Scented Candles to give as gifts for Women 2019. I love giving Scented Candles as cute and useful gifts....

Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles

Best Valentine’s Day Scented candles list can be a super easy collection of pink and rose scented candles or we can play around with...

Best Summer Scented Candles

It's finally 2019 so let's have some fun a put together a list of best summer scented candles. I'll stick with cheap, affordable candle...
scented candles

Best candles for Men in 2019

Updated full 2019 list of best affordable scented candles for men.

Wedding Candles

Wedding candles make amazing wedding favors and they can also be the perfect centerpiece detail for your wedding. This article is an overview of 2019 wedding candles trends and a list of best scented candles for weddings.