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Here is the the best scented candles list sorted by occasion, scent notes, season, burn location and gift options.

Best candles

Coffee scented candles

Coffee scented candles are a staple at my house together with tea scented candles. I’ve cut down my coffee intake a couple of years ago due to health reasons so now I supplement my coffee drinks by burning coffee scented candles. My favorites are the ones that smell like Starbucks coffee. I think the best coffee scented […]

Best candles

Best Tea scented candles

I’m a fan of tea-scented candles and I rarely go by one without buying it. I’ve burned a lot of tea scented candles over the years and many are not available anymore so I figured it’s best to list the ones that you can still pick up anytime. They’re great for layering with either light […]

best spa scented candles list
Best candles

Best scented candles for relaxation

I’ve been very into spa scented candles since December. I always gravitate towards these types of fragrances in January and February but we’re in late April now and I still buy and burn these fragrances daily. I used to have “morning” scented candles that I’d burn every morning while my family and I got ready […]

Best candles

Best Christmas scented candles

I go all out in December in terms of fragrance and entertaining. Because I have so many guests so often, I tend to be extra careful about picking guest-friendly home fragrance, that is still on Holiday theme and will work with food and drink scents that will inevitably make an appearance sometime during the party. […]

Best candles

Best Pine scented candles

Pine scented candles are more or less staples when the holiday season comes around. Big and small companies do many varieties of pine scents and I’ve picked out the best pine scented candles currently available to buy. When I was pregnant with my first child I couldn’t deal with any fragrance at all. Anything but […]