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Here is the the best scented candles list sorted by occasion, scent notes, season, burn location and gift options.

best pineapple scented candles list
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Best Pineapple scented candles

Summer is the time to pull out pineapple scented wax and I figured a best pineapple scented candles list was in order. I only put currently available scents on these lists (I don’t count ebay scalpers and their wax as “available”) and I was surprised that the list came out quite short. Pineapple notes are […]

best top easter 2017 scented candles list review
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Best Easter scented candles list

For this 2019 Easter holidays, my family will be hosting a big all day picnic get-together type thing and a brunch thing. Both will have about 30 people invited that will be moving in and out of the house a lot so I can really scent up the place. As far as scent theme goes, […]

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Best Spring Scented Candles

Classic spring scented candle fragrances are light florals and laundry type candles. We usually need something fresh and clean after all the heavier candles we burn during Christmas. I go for laundry and spa-type, relaxing candles for January and February and then more fruity and floral in March. 9 Best 2019 Spring scented candles Yankee […]

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Best Chocolate Scented Candles

  10 Best Chocolate Scented Candles Goose Creek Candle Homemade Brownies Village Candle Brownie Delight Kringle Candle Hot Chocolate Yankee Candle Chocolate Truffle Yankee Candle Chocolate Layer Cake Goose Creek Candles Vanilla Hot Chocolate Yankee Candle White Chocolate Yankee Candle Spiced White Cocoa Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream Yankee Candle Fudge Ripple […]

best coconut scented candle
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Best Coconut Scented Candles List

Coconut is one of my all time favorite fragrance notes. I enjoy coconut in perfume and home fragrance as well. I like to pair fragrance to season, weather and current mood. I do this with both perfume and wax so I guess it kind of explains my large collections of both. With coconut based fragrance, […]

scented candle jar
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Best kitchen scented candles

Kitchen scented candles are a bit tricky for me but they are also an absolute must in my kitchen. I don’t like strong scents in the kitchen, because I feel like I need to smell the food I’m preparing. I usually opt for bakery notes or citrus scented candles for that room. Bakery notes for […]