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Best candles for Men in 2019

It’s time to put together review of the Best scented candles for Men in 2019 list.

I’ll stick to affordable brands of candles for men here. I feel like there are so many lists and suggestions out there of these luxury candles and we could use a cheap or rather affordable candles list as well. I also feel like most lists for best candles for men out there are pretty old and we can have some fun and put together a brand new 2019 list.

Scented candles can be great gifts for men as long as you pick the right scent.

Supposedly scented candles are mostly considered gifts for women but I find that provided you get the right scent, men love scented candles just as much as women do.

Why do men love scented candles? I asked my friends and got three main answers:

  1. Scented candles like Yankee Candles come in a jar. Open the jar, light it. The end. No fussing with finding the thing to put the candle in, no fussing with the thing after the candle is done…when a Yankee Candle is done, throw the glass into recycling and you’re done.
  2. Scented candles smell good.
  3. Burning a scented candle makes people think you just cleaned your apartment better than you actually did.

So there. Solid reasons, all of them.

Yankee Candle Havana Nights

Yankee Candle Havana Nights is very more daring, and maybe not a huge crowd-pleasing but quite amazing in its complexity and uniqueness.

Yankee Candle Havana Nights is a very “grown-up” scent to me. Overall, it smells like vanilla flavored shisha or hookah tobacco but far from being that basic. I get the vanilla flavored tobacco, then the spices kick in, the cinnamon giving it the kick and the cardamom the warmth. It’s a dark, warm, very sweet fragrance.

I think it fits perfectly with the “night” theme, I find it very sophisticated and dreamy and saved from the dreaded “cologne” mark. Again, as with Viva Havana, it’s more of an “Arabian Nights” than “Havana Nights” scent to me, but that is probably completely down to personal experience.

Yankee does the “pipe tobacco” scents every now and then; they are pretty polarizing with most people, as the tobacco note can either lead you into thinking “eww cigarettes” or “yum, flavored tobacco” but I think it’s done very well here and it is sweet enough to avoid the stale cigarette vibe and stays firmly in the fresh pipe or hookah tobacco lane.

Goose Creek Candle Cool Rain Drops

Goose Creek Candle Cool Rain Drops should smell like a cool breeze, rainforest, and ice cold raindrops.

best candles for men 2019

Burning Goose Creek Candle Cool Rain Drops I was expecting a bergamot-based cologne scent but I was wrong. It’s actually a very clean, aquatic scent without going into the cologne type fragrance. There’s a lot of water and ozone here but it has enough of sage and lavender with a spicy, woody base that it doesn’t smell like a generic “blue” scent but like expensive, fancy water-themed candle.

Goose Creek Candle Black Pepper

Goose Creek Candle Black Pepper scent notes are  Black Pepper, Bright Lemon, Mandarin, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber.

Burning Goose Creek Candle Black Pepper it’s the kind of masculine scent I like. It doesn’t have the standard cologne notes like vetiver, bergamot, aquatic or ozone. Those are the notes that pretty much always make any scent smell like cologne or aftershave.

Goose Creek Candle Black Pepper has notes that I’d call masculine but since there are no cologne notes in here I find it to be a grown-up, masculine home fragrance and not a “people” fragrance.

The name is a bit misleading since the black pepper is not at all a dominant note. There is a hint of clean spice but mostly, it’s an amber and cedarwood fragrance with lovely clean citrus layered on top. The patchouli just adds a few green vibes, not at all incense-y here.

This was very strong, it was too much for me to keep in a room, I had to take it out to the hall where it easily scented an entire floor.

Yankee Candle Misty Mountains

Yankee Candle Misty Mountains came out for summer 2018 season but with the mix of a very woody base and cool pine and spearmint, top notes it feels like a very late Fall fragrance and not at all a summer one.

Yankee Candle Misty Mountains official scent notes are Pine, Spearmint, Lavender, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood.

Burning Yankee Candle Misty Mountains it’s a very nice masculine woody fragrance. There’s some vetiver in here but it’s not overly cologne-like. I mean, vetiver will always lean into cologne territory for me but there’s not so much of it that it would become a personal fragrance and not a home fragrance. As you probably know, I really don’t like scented candles that smell like people perfumes. The main notes in Yankee Candle Misty Mountains are cool pine and spearmint. Lavender is here but it’s a very herbal version not floral at all. The patchouli almost drowns out the lavender, it’s also a very dry, herbal version of the note.

It’s too heavy and thick for me. I would like a sharp ozone note in here, a very green moss note instead of the patchouli and thyme instead of the lavender.

I hear people are having bad luck with this candle as far as scent throw. Mine threw fine, a solid 8.

Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood

Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood is a very very intense woody masculine cologne type of fragrance.

I am an avid buyer and sniffer of men’s colognes…on people. I like them on a person, I buy them, I even wear some myself, I just absolutely dislike having my home smell like cologne.

So yeah, I tried Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood and I gave it to my brother straight away. I did get a good sniff first though, so the review still stands.

Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood smells like oud and sandalwood at the base and loads of bitter mandarine peels at the top, all blended together with vetivert for that cologne feeling.

Oud alone has many variants and with the success of Tom Ford perfumes, it’s really making frontlines now.
It’s a very intense wood note. It has many undertones, generally, I’d describe them as dark, rubber, and leather. Some people often add “rotting” wood when describing agarwood and there is a sticky, sort of “off” feeling to it.

In Village Candle Mandarin Agarwood the agarwood is heavy, there’s definitely a leather component and almost a burned undertone. The top mandarin peel notes don’t do much in terms of brightening since the base is so intense, but they do amp up the bitterness.

It smells quite expensive and different and while I don’t want my house smelling like it, I can definitely appreciate the blend.

Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime

Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime scented candle is one of those candles that men always seem to really like. Quite a few of my friends have this as their staple and claim it makes their flats smell clean, cozy and ready for company.

yankee candle vanilla lime
Image by Yankee Candle

The notes in Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime: vanilla, sugar cane, lime.

At first burn, I got some citrus only not the fresh lime kind but the Pledge cleaner kind with a strong vanilla note. I was not happy with the type of citrus in this but in the second and third burn, I could no longer get the citrus note, only vanilla, and cane sugar. Now…I really wish I could get the lime in Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime but since the lime I did get on the first burn was no good I guess it’s better than I can no longer smell that note. Basically Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime is sweet, cozy vanilla with a bit of added sugar. It’s not overpowering but it’s not fresh to me either.

yankee candle vanilla lime scented candle review

My medium jar version of Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime burns clean

and even in my luminary, I get a nice wax pool after about two hours and the throw is about 8.

I burn this in my hall because it’s strong and I find it too much for a particular room. I bought it as a spring candle but I’ll leave it be until autumn since I find the vanilla fragrance in Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime a bit too heavy for hot and fresh weather.