Best Bath and Body Works Fall scented candles

I’ve put together a list of the best scented candles from Bath and Body Works that are normally out for the Fall season. BBW do recycle their best selling fragrances quite a lot so these scents are pretty much out every Fall season.


5 best Fall BBW scented candles

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Spice

Bath and Body Works Autumn Day

Bath and Body Works Cider Lane

Bath and Body Works Chocolate Pistachio

Bath and Body Works Fall Pumpkin Collection

Bath and Body Works Fall Pumpkin Collection Review

Bath and Body Works came out with a huge collection of pumpkin fragrances for this fall. Looking at it as a whole it looks to me like they got their classic fall scents together and then threw a pumpkin at all of them.  Some combinations work better than others, but if you normally like Bath and Body Works scented candles, you’ll be happy with this collection.

I personally am not a big fan of Bath and Body Works wax fragrances. I don’t particularly care for their take on scent notes and they’re just overall too intense for me. But keep in mind, I have a very strong sensitivity to scents. Like…I smell all my Yankee Candles. People keep talking about scentless Yankees, and I’m just sitting here, enjoying a Yankee scented house. So if you find Yankee candles and Goose Creek candles to be too weak for your taste, Bath and Body Works candles are probably what you’ll enjoy. For me, most of them are much too intense and can give me massive headaches.

Scent intensity aside, I also find their food and fruit scents to be incredibly sweet. If you generally love super sweet fragrance, this is definitely the wax company for you.

For this review, I will do my best to give an impartial opinion of the scents, regardless if I personally like them or not. Normally I always review my wax in terms of how I feel about a particular scent but since BBW’s take on home fragrance is not my cup of tea as a whole I feel that adding my opinion on whether a scent is good or not would be quite useless. But I can still write about what something smells like.

I’ll review the scents as my family rated them from favorite to least favorite.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Banana Muffin review

This is a repackage of the old BBW Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding. The banana is not prominent. It’s there, but mostly in the background. It’s basically a thick, heavy sweet bread fragrance, with a bit of fall spice mixed in. Think spiced cake with just a hint of banana. I get zero pumpkin from this.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Coconut review

This scent has been out before as well. It smells like toasted coconut, loads of sugar and some classic fall spice. I don’t get any pumpkin just the “pumpkin spice”.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pie review

Another re-released scent. This is a good bakery scent. I get some pumpkin, sugar, followed by pie crust note and then the cinnamon, nutmeg and a tiny bit of clove.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake review

This is a classic cupcake scent, without the bakery note. So basically loads of sugar and vanilla, the buttercream note, underlined by fall spices to take it into an autumn fragrance.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles review

This fragrance has been around a long time but they tweaked it a bit this year so don’t expect an exact repeat of last years’. I get the pecans and loads of maple with a faint waffle note. The maple is a bit less thick and intense than before, but it’s still a very thick, maple focused fragrance.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun review

I get lots of vanilla and sugar mixed with butter and bakery type cinnamon. It’s a very nice mix but at the bottom, there’s a brown sugar note that smells burned to me. Brown sugar often has that burned sugar scent to my nose and none of my family commented on these candles smelling like burned sugar, so it might just be me. Again, I couldn’t smell any pumpkin in here.

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow review

This just smells a lot like BBW Pumpkin Cupcake but less of the buttercream and a bit less heavy and not as super sweet.

Bath and Body Works Caramel Pumpkin Swirl review

This smells like super gooey, heavy, thick fresh caramel, with a little bit of fall spice, mostly cinnamon mixed in.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin French Toast review

This is very heavy on the maple note. Loads of maple, and if that’s not sweet enough for you, there’s some caramel in here as well. I also get just a bit of pumpkin spices but it’s mostly drowned out by the intensity of the maple note.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Fireside review

It’s a very smokey scent. You get the burning leaves, the smoke and then some sweet cinnamon underneath. A very odd combination.

Bath and Body Works Berry Pumpkin Strudel review

This is a brand new fragrance. It smells like a very generic berry mix with loads of sharp cinnamon. No actual pumpkin or bakery note in here.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Woods review

This smells mostly like balsam tree. There’s a bit of cedar wood added and a tad of a smokey cinnamon note underneath, but it’s mostly a very green balsam fragrance.


So these are all the new Fall scents from BBW I tried out. As per normal BBW standards, these are very strong, scent throw on average was a solid 9.

What I miss most in these fragrances is an actual pumpkin note. They do loads of “pumpkin spice”, but the actual sweet, earthy, pumpkin puree note is missing here. I’ll be giving this collection to my SIL who has been wanting fall BBW candles for years and never got a chance to burn them. But I’ll also be adding some ScentSationals and BhG Wax melts that are bakery and pumpkin heavy so that she’ll be able to add those notes in and make the overall fragrances more of what they were supposed to be according to the names if she’ll feel like it.

Bath and Body Works Chocolate Pistachio Review

Bath and Body Works released a whole bunch of fall scented candles at the end of August. Most are repackages, some are just two well-established scents mixed in a new candle.

A new scent for Fall is Bath and Body Works Chocolate Pistachio. I don’t normally jump on BBW scents but I’ve enjoyed Village Candle’s new pistachio scent and since I didn’t feel like buying the exact same candle again, I figured I can try out the BBW pistachio instead.

Burning Bath and Body Works Chocolate Pistachio, it’s quite different than what I got on cold sniff. The overall scent is more of a chocolate Starbucks drink with a bit of a nutty undertone in there.

The chocolate note is very diluted, meaning that it’s like if you were making instant hot chocolate and used way too much water. It’s not a pleasant, rich chocolate scent but rather as if you put a small spoon of instant cocoa into a big jar of water.

The pistachio is reduced to a basic nutty scent. I can’t say what specific nut it is, just a general nutty fragrance. Not bad at all. The only downside to this note is, that it’s pushed so low under the blah chocolate.

People say it smells like peanut M&Ms, but I don’t know…maybe like the bag, after the candy is gone and it’s been empty for a while.

If you want a good pistachio chocolate scent, get the Village Candle and mix it with Yankee’s Chocolate Layer Cake or Kringle Candle’s Hot Chocolate if you want it less intense.

Bath and Body Works Cider Lane Review

Bath and Body Works Cider Lane is a Fall re-release that loads of BBW fans are most excited about. I’ve never had it before so I picked one up to see what the hype is about.

Burning Bath and Body Works Cider Lane, it’s a very nice caramel apple fragrance, but not what I’d describe as “cider” since I get none of the cider spices in here.

I get a very nice, buttery but not thick and gooey caramel note, with a crisp, green apple undertone. The caramel dominates this fragrance and the apple freshens it up.

As you know, I dislike most caramel scents, because they smell like burnt brown sugar to my nose. This has zero burnt notes. It is a caramel scent and very very sweet, but it doesn’t get too heavy or thick. It could be one of the best caramel candles I’ve smelled.

If you want to match the scent to the name, you’ll need to add some spice to the scent. Go for anything fall spiced from BBW. I’ve layered it with Yankee’s Spiced Pear and absolutely loved the mix. I also tried it with Autumn Lodge and it worked well.

Bath and Body Works Autumn Day Review

Bath and Body Works Autumn Day came out again for the new fall season. The fragrance has been repackaged about four times now, but it is a nice fruit and woody mix that many people enjoy in autumn so I don’t think many will complain that it came back again.

Bath and Body Works Autumn Day is supposed to be a mix of apple and cedar but burning it, I get mostly a pear and fig mix, underlined by a creamy, soft sandalwood and crisp smelling birch. I’d say the fruit to wood ratio is about 70:30.

This works so well on its own, it’s so nicely balanced and complex that I didn’t play a lot with layering it. I did burn it with Yankee’s Wild Fig and it was great. It would also work well with any apple, spiced apple or cider fragrance.

Like most of Bath and Body Works candles, it’s very strong. I don’t have an open concept space so it’s too much for a single room. The burn on this was great. The three wicks do mean you go through the candle fast.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle Review

I hear on various wax forums and FB groups, that White Barn Pumpkin Spice is a repackage of an older BBW (White Barn) candle Nutmeg and Spice.

While that is said to be super strong, intense fall spice mix fragrance, this year’s version is still the same scent, but a bit more mellow and weak. I never tried Nutmeg and Spice so personally, I can only write my opinion on White Barn Pumpkin Spice.

Burning Pumpkin Spice, I get all the classics; cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of clove. It’s a simple fragrance, one to get if you’re into fragrance layering or mixology since it will mix so well with most one-note fruit, most bakery, and most woody scents. There’s no pumpkin note in this and no bakery. If you liked BBW Pumpkin Pie, this has the same spice, minus the crust smell and vanilla. If you find this boring, get out some long forgotten fruity wax melts you have lying around and start mixing up.