Best Aldi sceted candles

Aldi and also Lidl scented candles are one of the cheapest scented candles that you can find at your local store but they still actually work and the scents are fairly nice.

Both Aldi and Lidl do seasonal collections that normally have somewhere between four and six candles.

Aldi candles are infamous for being much cheaper dupes of the Jo Malone fragrances.

Lidl (Melinera) Africa Tansania scented candle review

I picked up the Melinera Africa scented candle at my local Lidl. My Mum saw it burning and ran right out to get her own. It’s so pretty burning you’d never say it cost only 1,5 EUR.

The Lidl (Melinera) Africa Tansania scented candle official scent notes are: teak wood and vanilla.

Lidl (Melinera) scented candles Mother's Day collection Review

Burning it, I smell vanilla bean and white musk. There’s no wood note in this, it’s very soft and musky and it reminds me a little bit of Yankee’s Egyptian Musk.

The scent throw on this is a weak 2. I have to stand right by the jar to smell anything at all. But the point of this candle is not the scent but the way it looks burning. Because of the silhouette design on the jar, this looks like an African sunset with the last of the sun disappearing behind the horizon.

I’d burn this in my office on my computer desk while working, where I might get a tiny whiff of it every now and then. Since it’s so weak it doesn’t really matter when or where it’s lit.

 Lidl (Melinera) scented candles Mother’s Day collection Review

My local Lidl had this whole Mother’s Day theme going on today and it included new Melinera scented candles. They were marked down to 1EUR for a candle and I got both scents that were available.

The scents are classic strawberry and plain vanilla. Each comes in a plain clear glass jar, no lid has one wick and burn time of up to 25 hours.

The scents are plain strawberry and vanilla, both smell very sweet and the strawberry is very artificial. I suggest burning them together, as the mix is actually much better than they are individually.

They burn OK but quite slowly for a small jar. I’d say you definitely get your 25 hours out of each candle.

Lidl (Melinera) candles aren’t normally just plain one scent note, they often do more complex scents. To compare, I’d say they are normally on par with Ikea scented candles.

The two I tried today were a bit of a miss but not horrible when burning together. They are fairly light but keep in mind the jar is very small. I’d say the scent throw on one jar is a 3 and two together managed to scent a medium sized room.

Melinera Fine Almond Blossom Scented Candle Review

Melinera scented candles can be found at Lidl stores. They usually put out collections during their theme weeks. I know they had an Italian themed Melinera Candle collection and I have seen Christmas themed ones around the holidays as well.

I’m seeing Melinera pillar candles at the store all the time, so those must be a core product and they put out various themed collections in jar candles. The jars are usually either frosted glass or glass with an image printed on. The candle jars are normally packed into individual cardboard boxes.

Melinera scented candles in jars cost around 2 EUR, they’re made in EU and have 30 hours of burn time.

They are obviously a highly affordable product and I really disliked the scents in the Italian collection but today they had an Asia themed Melinera Candles collection out and on cold sniff they were really good.

The Melinera Candles Asia Collection consists of three scents; Melinera Fine Almond Blossom, Melinera Lemongrass and Melinera Jasmine. I came home with Melinera Fine Almond Blossom scented candle and Melinera Lemongrass scented candle.

The Melinera Fine Almond Blossom scented candle is quite pretty, there’s an ombre colored foil in shades of red wrapped around the candle jar and it’s printed with white branches and blossoms. The scent is light floral with a sweet undertone. Really sweet, but fresh floral, reminds me of a lot of cherry blossom fragrances. There’s no soapy note and no perfume note and I really like it.

The wick on my Melinera Fine Almond Blossom scented candle is quite a bit off center. It was super long and I gave it a trim before burning the candle. The burn wasn’t even, it was leaving a lot of wax on one side but I just pushed it down after the three hour burn and it’s fine. I’ll keep an eye on the wick in case it decides to move too close to the glass, but it’s fine for now.

The scent throw on my Melinera Fine Almond Blossom scented candle was about a 3. I burned it for 3 hours on my office desk and I could smell it when I was sitting at the desk but not anywhere else. It smells delicate on cold so I was expecting a weak throw and for 2 EUR I don’t mind it only keeping me company while I work at my desk.

Lidl and Aldi Summer Collection Review

I just came from Lidl and Aldi (Hofer) grocery run and they both had a bunch of new candles out. I tend to get these for my Mum who finds stuff from Yankee or Village overpriced and doesn’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money on home fragrance in general. I just picked up the candles in the jars for her since my local Lidl usually sells out on scented candles in a day or two.
Lidl had a whole Maritime, Beach House theme going on with their summer candles and they had some matching accessories out as well that I thought were much better made and cuter than the stuff I’ve seen there before.

The candles in the glass jars are scented. The blue and turquoise are a standard ocean and a floral with a strong ocean note, the sand colored one is a coconut and beachwood mix and the white is a vanilla coconut mix.

Loads of Lidl jar candles have a sticker design on them and white wax but these time they went with clear jars and colored wax. The burn time is 35-40 hours.

Hofer (Aldi) Winter and Holiday scented candles review

I’m not a fan of Hofer (Aldi) scented candles in general. I’ve been called a fragrance snob many times and I suppose I am, but there’s just a vast difference in the quality of scents that you can see just by smelling the difference between an established home fragrance company’s plain vanilla scent and the vanilla fragrance you find in a supermarket candle.

hofer aldi holiday scented candles 2015

I feel that it’s the same story as with my Lidl or DM candles – they don’t make me sick or give me a headache (mostly) but while I have the option of getting stuff from Yankee, Village, Goose Creek, and Woodwick, I can tell why the price on these is what it is and I’m willing to pay it.

The new Winter and Holiday scented candles are in at my local Hofer stores. They’ll probably do another holiday collection in December, but these could work.

Aldi Summer Collection scented candles review

Browsing my local Hofer (Aldi) store I found their new scented candles stash. They had them buried under a bunch of gift wrapping paper and I had to do some digging but they have quite a few new scents for the summer and I picked up one of each for my Mum.

Hofer (Aldi) scented candles for Summer 2016 review

The Aldi Summer scented candles come in the following scents:

  • Tropical Fruits
  • Summer Berries
  • Exotic Citrus
  • Fruity Melon
  • Sweet Ocean
  • Lovely Vanilla
  • Fresh Cotton

The burn time on these is 35-40 hours, they come in a glass jar with no lids and the design is a sticker.

They also had some scented tealights and I got some of these as well. I have loads of accessories and while I try to use the LED tealights in them, they look so much better with an actual flame inside so I figured for evening parties or just hanging out on the deck during summer nights, I’ll treat myself to proper candlelight.

These come in the following scents and burn for 4 hours each:

  • Lime
  • Orchid
  • Raspberry
  • Tropical
  • Relaxing Vanilla

Hofer (Aldi) Spring scented candle collection review

My local Hofer has new Spring scented candles out. They’ve been out for a couple of weeks now but the display is cleaned out whenever I come in so I’m guessing they smell pretty good.

They’re in glass jars with no lids, one wick and up to 25 hours of burn time.

The glass jars are decorated in a semi-transparent all over design that is basically a sticker. The look cute, especially when burning but in my experience, if your wick gets too long the sticker will start peeling off because the heat will be too much for it.

They come in 5 different designs.

Aldi (Hofer) Fall Autumn scented candles review

Aldi (Hofer) has a new Fall Autumn scented candles collection out and they went with a different look this time.
The candles pretty much look like Yankee Candle middle sized jars with the glass lids and not as fancy looking labels.

aldi hofer fall 2017 scented candles review

I picked up the Cotton scent and the Nutty cupcake scent and the throw on both was a fairly decent 7.

The Fresh Cotton candle smells like your typical fabric softener.
The Nutty Cupcake smells like hazelnut toffee.
The berry scent smelled like a fairly horrible generic berry mix so that was a hard pass for me.
The vanilla fragrance was very amber heavy and I’m not a big enough fan of amber vanilla mixtures to pick it up.