Bath and Body Works Fall Collection Review

OK, so I got to sniff the candles in the BBW Fall collection that has the fall leaves design on the candle jars. As far as I know this collection doesn’t really have a name, so let’s just go with Bath and Body Works Fall Leaves Collection.

Bath and Body Works Fall Collection Review

5 Bath and Body Works Fall scented candles

  1. Bath and Body Works Chestnut and Clove scented candle
  2. Bath and Body Works Autumn Sky scented candle
  3. Bath and Body Works Heirloom Apple scented candle
  4. Bath and Body Works Caramel Woods scented candle
  5. Bath and Body Works Leaves scented candle

I already knew what Leaves smells like and I was most excited for Chestnut and Clove.

Bath and Body Works Chestnut and Clove was actually available last year as Thankful scented candle, and I didn’t even realize it until I started sniffing it. It’s also been out in 2013 and even a couple of years before that as Winter Cabin. So if you liked any of those…it’s here again. It smells like creamy, rich chestnut puree, with a bit of earthy clove and a cedar undertone. It’s nice, it’s earthy, the only sweetness you get in here is from the chestnut.

Bath and Body Works Heirloom Apple smells like a very sweet apple syrup and marshmallows with some vanilla. The apple note in here is very sweet and the added vanilla marshmallow mix adds to that and also makes it a bit heavier.

Bath and Body Works Autumn Sky is a classic men’s cologne fragrance. It smells like an everyday aftershave, there’s bergamot, some pepper and a bit of citrus to freshen it up.

Bath and Body Works Caramel Woods has the same caramel note that Salted Caramel had, but this lacks the salty note and has a mix of woody notes at the base. You need to like woody scents and sweet fragrance to enjoy this one. It’s quite heavy but doesn’t travel into cologne territory.

Bath and Body Works Leaves smells like a blend of lots of autumnal spices and a mushy apple note with a lot of added sugar. It’s a very spicy, sweet apple cider type of smell.

Here are a couple of other Fall BBW candles that I’ve tried out for the season:

White Barn Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Review

I know so many people love the scent of marshmallows but it does not appeal to me at all. I’ve really been trying to make myself like it, but I think I’m ready to give up on marshmallow scents altogether.

I believe it has a lot to do with the fact, that I have no scent memories linked to the smell of marshmallows. They are not a thing at all in Europe. We never eat them, we don’t ever put them in drinks or cereals, we never roast anything similar…so while USA people have all these amazing memories and experience and flavors linked to marshmallow scent, I don’t have any, leaving me smelling the super sweet, thick note and feeling underwhelmed.

Burning White Barn Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, I get loads of soapy marshmallow but no pumpkin and no coffee. I understand that the scent was first introduced as body care and only this year did it come out in candle form. And this does smell like a body care product rather than a beverage or food in general. Under the marshmallow, I also get a bit of creamy sandalwood and that’s about all I smell in this candle.

If you want to smell Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, mix this with Kringle candle Espresso Crema and Kringle Candle Pumpkin Frosting. The end result is absolutely amazing.

White Barn Toasted Graham Latte Review

I bought White Barn Toasted Graham Latte for a gift. The friend I was going to give it to loves coffee scents and goes to Starbucks daily, so I figured I can’t go wrong here.

Whenever I see “latte” in the candle name, I expect a very sweet drink scent with an interesting base note and that diluted coffee middle note.

I bought White Barn Toasted Graham Latte online, because there are no BBW or White Barn stores here, so it was a totally blind buy. When I got it home and sniffed it on cold, I disliked it so much, I didn’t even want to give it to my friend. But my husband insisted he doesn’t think it’s that bad at all and since I was going to give her 3 other candles anyway, I should just go and include this as well.

So I was sort of uncomfortable when we came over and she decided to light up Toasted Graham Latte right away. Burning, it smells MUCH better than on cold.

I get mostly a marshmallow note, underlined by a graham note that sort of smells like cereal and the diluted coffee note that’s typical for “latte” fragrances.

The weird milky note I got on cold is gone once this starts burning. There is a slight burned smell to this, almost like a bit of burned coffee, however I seemed to be the only one who got that.

If I’d kept it, I’d definitely burn it with Kringle Candle’s Espresso Crema, to get the proper, strong black coffee scent to it.

Bath and Body Works Warm Apple Pie Review

Bath and Body Works Warm Apple Pie is a winner in this year’s Fall collection from White Barn. I’m very picky about my pie scents. If it has pie in the name, I want to smell the filling AND the crust. So many candles only have the pie filling fragrance and I need to layer them with bakery scents to get the proper “pie” smell. But Warm Apple Pie has the whole package and I’m very happy with it.

Burning White Barn Warm Apple Pie, I get loads of apples drowning in brown sugar and then some pie crust underneath. It’s very sweet and the pie crust note is not strong, but it’s definitely there.

If anything, it could do with some cinnamon and nutmeg to get the “fancy pie” scent but to be honest, there are SO many cinnamon and fall spice candles out there, I’m actually happier with this being plain sugar, apple, and bakery. You can always add the spice if you find it boring.

So if you need to spice this up, add the candle from the same collection –White Barn Pumpkin Spice. Fits perfect, the mix is amazing. Also Village Candle’s Apples and Cinnamon fits great. If you want to make it more complex, burn it with Yankee’s Spiced Pear. Amazing mixture. If you want to add something complimentary, go with Yankee’s Tarte Tatin, Crisp Apple Strudel or Village Warm Apple Pie. If this is not sweet enough for you or too simple with it only having brown sugar, pair it up with BBW Cider Lane, to get the caramel note or Goose Creek Apple Bourbon to get some warm booze in.