Bath and Body Works Fall 2017 Collection 2 review

Another BBW Fall collection is testing right now and it looks like this one is a mix of masculine, cologne fragrances. Personally, these type of fragrances are my least favorite category in home fragrance but talking to people working at stores and looking at best seller lists, these are the type of scents that usually sell the best due to their appeal to both men and women and a generally fresh vibe.

Bath and Body Works Autumn Woods that smells like Walnut, Lavender and Amber
Bath and Body Works Vetiver Sandalwood that smells like Vetiver Grass, Sandalwood and Warm Musk
Bath and Body Works Bourbon Maple that smells like Bourbon, Sugared Amber and Maple Wood
Bath and Body Works Golden Citrus that smells like Sparkling Mandarin, Warm Cedar and Golden Amber

Returning scents for this collection are Bath and Body Works Mahogany Apple and Bath and Body Works Leaves.

I hope you enjoyed my Bath and Body Works Fall 2017 Collection review!