Bath and Body Works Collection for Summer review

Bath and Body Works France Collection for Summer includes 6 candles, some are brand new scents and some are repackages.

BBW Merci Paris scented candle smells like body lotion with a soft white floral mix, some blackcurrant and a vague creamy sweet undertone.

BBW Paris Cafe scented candle smells like coffee with a nutty undertone.

BBW White Peach scented candle smells like a bright and juicy peach with a tart grape undertone.

BBW St Tropez Shore scented candle smells like a powdery, musky mix of white florals and citrus with a bit of melon. It smells quite perfumey.

BBW White Jasmine scented candle smells like jasmine with a hint of orange blossom and musk.

BBW Creme Caramel scented candle smells like caramel and coffee with loads of added sugary vanilla.

bath and body works paris collection summer

In terms of scent strength of fragrance, word around the interwebz is that BBW St Tropez Shore is the weakest and BBW White Jasmine is the strongest of the bunch. If you know your BBW candles, some of these France candles are said to be repackages; BBW Paris Café was previously out as Espresso Bar and BBW Creme Caramel was Pumpkin Caramel Latte.