Yankee Candle Black Cherry scented candle Review

This is my Yankee Candle Black Cherry scented candle Review.

I’ve had the same small jar of Yankee Candle Black Cherry for two years now. It’s not a scent I would burn a lot, I only burn in in late May and occasionally through June when cherries are in season. I have a lot of cherry trees all around our house so during those months it’s cherry central. I bake cherry pies and cupcakes, make cherry jam and icecream and oddly enough that’s when I’m in the mood for the Yankee Candle Black Cherry scent.

The notes in Yankee Candle Black Cherry are: fresh black cherries.

I don’t think it’s really a fresh cherry scent. Like I said, I actually grow all kinds of cherries and while they do smell sweet there’s also a tartness and freshness to them. This candle though smells more like a cherry marmelade to me. It’s a warm cherry smell with a touch of vanilla and some sugar.

scented candle review

The small jar version of Yankee Candle Black Cherry burns clean and even, I get a nice wax pool after about an hour and the throw is medium strong.

I burn it in the kitchen only because I find it to be a very cherry pie filling/cherry jam type of a cherry scent I only like food scents for my kitchen.

This remains in the core collection for 2017.